Alicia “Woz” Wozniak, The Tattooed Buddha Editor

Alicia “Woz” Wozniak: Tampa, Florida


Besides writing, what do you do for a living?

I’m a wizard behind the curtain in a marketing division for a higher education company; I’m a digital marketer. I also teach STRONG by Zumba and Zumba, and I’m an editor.

Do you have a blog?

What places/publications have you written for?

The Well Written Woman, elephant journal, The Tattooed Buddha 

Do you have kids? Describe your family?

One kid. We’re a small family even outside of us. We all moved down to Florida from Ohio over a 20 year period; everyone else is back Cleveland.

What are some goals you have in life?

To let go of attachment as best I can, and get out of debt.

Are you Buddhist? Spiritual? Do you subscribe to a specific religion? Why or why not?

I’m not religious; too many rules. I’m more spiritual and lean on Buddhism for the teachings.

What factors have influenced your spirituality?

It developed, I suppose, out of not having any religious references growing up. My parents didn’t take us to church stating they wanted us to choose for ourselves, but never exposed us to anything. So, I picked up what felt right and a lot of that was metaphysical, searching within myself for strength.

Do you meditate? How often? How long?

I don’t meditate. Not for any reason. I just don’t.

How did you become involved with TTB?

I asked Dana if I could help when she was launching the site. She said yes.

What are your favorite TV shows? Movies? Books?

I like TV shows that teach me stuff or that deal with real-life scenarios, but I don’t actually watch it much. It’ll be on, but I’m generally doing something else. I love going to the movies! Horror movies are my favorite. Books? I have books all over the place. I don’t have one genre I like there. I read it all. If it bores me, I stop reading.

Do you have a funny story? What is something interesting thing about you?

I have lots of funny stories!* *See blog. I’m not sure there’s anything interesting about me, though. I’m a regular person winging this life thing, like everyone else.