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Holly has bonded her spirituality to her activism. She began her relationship with Buddhism through Fo Guang Shan, an international Chinese Mahāyāna Buddhist organization and monastic order based in Taiwan that practices Humanistic Buddhism. However, she finds herself more aligned with Stephen Batchelor’s more secular Buddhism currently. Holly works in homeless services and is very passionate about promoting the inherent worth and dignity of all people as well as eliminating stigma about homelessness and behavioral health.


How Mindfulness Put the “Fun” in Funeral

How Mindfulness Put the “Fun” in Funeral

Yesterday the family of my friend held a celebration of life in her honor. I knew it was approaching. I ran into her son, also my friend, the day before the celebration and he locked eyes with me when he asked “You ARE coming tomorrow, right? I can count on you?” A million thoughts paralyzed my mouth but I saw the look of importance in his eyes and I shook my head “yes”. 

In all honesty I knew I nodded my head in the affirmative but my feet were already moving backwards to decline. I was fully prepared to let that family down. I didn’t like it, but I knew what would happen. 

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