Robin Lee


By Tanya Tiger


We could all use a spark, every now and then, to motivate us and to help us become better versions of ourselves.

Sometimes we find the inner-drive and strength to light our own fuse. Sometimes it takes a powerhouse like Robin Lee to step into our lives and show us how to ignite the fire that is waiting to burn within.

When I was asked by The Tattooed Buddha to interview Robin, I hesitated but only for a moment. As soon as I perused the The Babe Collective (TBC) website, I couldn’t wait to learn more. It’s not often I come across an online presence that makes me want to dig deeper, to delve into the dark, rich soil of my existence, and which makes it loud and clear that I am not alone on my journey to the other realms.

With features such as videos by The Rock N Roll Shaman and articles which address spirituality, sexuality and empowerment, I could almost feel my soul reach up and out to proclaim, “Hell Yes! We’ve found our people!”

Robin and the TBC crew provide a safe haven to express all of who you are. There are no taboos here. There is no need to hide. TBC asks that you cherish your whole self, the light and the dark. It coaxes out the inner shadows while playing music with the light of your spirit. There is a mixture of fun and playfulness alongside sacred practice and a deep desire to empower you to step fully into the miraculous and powerful being you already are.

And so, with renewed confidence in my ability to take on this interview, and the curiosity of a kitten on catnip, I jumped in feet first and I was not disappointed.

May you be equally as charmed and impressed with Robin Lee, the feisty Creatrix of TBC and BABE Magazine, as I have been.


T: Hi Robin, I guess I’d like to begin with the acronym BABE. What exactly does BABE stand for?


T: Awesome! I love the energy behind that! There’s nothing quite like kicking butt and taking names to get my creative juices flowing. Let’s help our readers get to know you better. Please tell everyone a little about yourself.

What lights you up? What has been the “easiest” and most “difficult” parts of your journey so far?

R: I am devoted to and inspired by living a life on fire. I am relentlessly hungry for full experiences and insatiably thirsty for new knowledge, more awareness, deeper feeling, and broader horizons. Through my own journey in transforming trauma, learning to take up space, use my voice, and release my stories – my path has been made clear.

As a healer, life coach, writer and creator of community, I empower women to live their fullest lives through conscious approaches to sexuality, freedom and mindfulness. I do a lot of work with self-confidence and self-worth, and everything I do is influenced by my own path.

The “hardest” parts of my journey have been confronting those who have violated me or held me down, as well as learning to be thankful for them, and the “easiest” parts of my journey have been staying focused on freedom. I want nothing more for myself and others, and I am dreaming up new adventures and ways to be of service.

T: How was the idea for The Babe Collective conceived?

R: The Babe Collective was originally born in person in Brooklyn, New York. I curated a week-long festival of healing and meditation practices on the waterfront in Williamsburg, and began holding monthly workshops from there. As interest and an online presence grew, I knew it was time to expand beyond borders and take it digital.

I have always been motivated by the sharing of stories. I think it is imperative in the compassionate war against loneliness and isolation, to know that we are not alone in what we experience through recognizing it in another. My intention is always to elevate the voices of women (and men) and to create a safe, sacred space for transformation of all kinds.

TBC was something I dreamt into being. I desired it so deeply, I had to give birth to it. It is now a private digital membership community of women all over the world (you can join from anywhere) which doubles as an online Divine Feminine Mystery School, and an online magazine with stories of raw truth from the voices of women everywhere. I also offer private coaching, and the BABE STORE offers a few items for emotional, sexual and spiritual empowerment.

T: How long have you been working toward empowering and inspiring others?

R: I’d like to think I’ve been empowering and inspiring others since I burst out of the womb. I’ve always been a free-thinking, wild-hearted, adventurous spirit, and I’ve always had a keen sense of wonder about the world. However, I’ve been directly working with other people for 5 years as a mentor and teacher, but writing for much longer.

T: Where would you like to see yourself and TBC in the next few years?

R: My intention is always for the growth of the community in a way that feels digestible and cozy for all, as well as for the growth of the BABE MAG platform. Other things in the works are an app, a book from me and global retreats. It’s a really exciting time to be alive, to be empowering others, and to share the work of incredible women as well. I am blessed and grateful. My intention is the continuation of that, always!

T: One last question… You mention the term “coven” on the TBC website. Do you need to be a Witch or practice the craft to feel at home in TBC?

R: I believe all women are witches, therefore, all women are welcome. TBC is about inclusion. I do not make insistences about anyone’s practice or way of life. Rather, I open the doorway for new ways of understanding and being, particularly, the peeling back of layers of shame around being the wild, authentic self.

TBC is about elevating the Witch as an archetype of the woman who understands and honors her power, her connection to the energies and cycles of the natural world, and her ability to make manifest that which she desires. The door is open for a new paradigm where allegiances to particular identities are made flexible by the highest fire of truth. Every woman is a force of nature.

This “coven” (read: gathering of badass beauties elevating society) is a home for women who wish to explore and grow that. I believe in collective action, not separation, and that we rise highest when we do it together.

T: Fantastic! I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and I think I speak for many when I say, “thank you” for gifting us with a space which holds such transformative richness. I look forward to watching TBC blossom and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your creations.


For information about The BABE Collective and BABE Magazine, please visit the TBC website.

To quote the TBC site:

“This is a BABE revolution.  We don’t play small.  We don’t stay quiet.  We’re here to rise.  Won’t you join us?”

Photo: TBC

Editor: Dana Gornall