warrior woman
By Deb Avery

I do not need a knight in shinning armor.

I can wield my own damn sword while riding my own white horse.

Don’t get me wrong, I will welcome you to ride beside me and watch my back, as I will do for you. But do not feel the need to shield me from life’s battles or hide the ugly truths of the carnage. I have a mind that is quick and eyes that can see.

Do not think that you know what is best for me. That is for me alone to decide.

I am not a child.

You are not my master. What I might lack in muscle strength, I more than make up with a brave heart and a strong spirit.

For too long I have been used, abused, rejected, subjugated, regulated and silenced. For too long I have felt the shame for what is considered being too loud, too quiet, too fat, too thin, too bitchy, too meek and all the other labels of your displeasure that have been placed upon me for not fitting your narrow view of what being a woman means. Now your views must change, not I.

Women have once again found their voices and are uniting in a beautiful, strong, harmonious melody that is sweeping this nation—the world. We have remembered who we are. We are descended from the Wild Woman and we are learning to run with our pack again.

Wild Woman is at the heart of the feminine instinct. She is the wise knowing of our ancestors. She has the courage, knowledge and strength to guide us among the many snares and traps that we may encounter along our way. She is cunning and knows what lies at the heart of others. She sees with an intensity that is almost blinding in its illumination. It is impossible to hide our true natures from her.

She has helped us regain our deep feeling—our wild nature. She is teaching us that intuition is our strength, not our weakness. She is teaching us to look for pack mates who are not afraid of our intensity, depth, or intellect. Mates who see the Wild Woman inside and will run beside us they will not not always run ahead trying to show us the way. We are most capable of finding our own way and we will share with those who earn our trust, our deep connection to the Earth and the many pathways that only we can see.

Compassion and kindness are replacing the divide and conquer mentality.

We long for a world where all are equal and we will work tirelessly to help our brothers and sisters of all races and species. We are learning to replace the hate and desolation of the world with the kindness and compassion. But do not mistake our kindness for weakness. For hell hath no fury as that of a mother protecting her children. And to a woman, we are all children of Mother Earth.

We are seeking a better way, and there are men among us who are brave enough, compassionate enough and open minded enough to run with us on this journey.

It’s not an easy journey.

There are many traps and trials ahead of us, but we know that if we only stay true to our course—our pack—we will not only prevail; we will thrive.

It is time for us to put aside all the differences we have been led to believe about each other. It’s time to unite in our deep belief that we can make this world a better place for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. We must not wait any longer. The Earth needs our wildness and courage. She needs our love and healing.

The aggressiveness and stubbornness of yesterday’s man must yield to the feminine way of cooperation and the nature of intuitiveness for the future. For only with deep listening and understanding can we find a way to stop the destruction and madness, the killing and wounding of our land, our people and all of life on our planet. We cannot continue down a pathway lined with the bones of those who have suffered and died because of man’s inhumanity to those who share this planet with him.

We have tried the way of aggression for too long.

Let us change from warriors of aggression to peaceful warriors instead. Let us learn to walk upon the Earth with dignity, grace, kindness and compassion for all. Let us look to the women for guidance and listen to her deep heart song. Her voice is strong and clear. We must listen closely.

At night, as you look up to the moon, take a moment to howl with all the courage and passion that is in your wild heart. Then listen closely. You will hear your brothers and sisters echoing throughout the land, both near and far. This is your pack, your tribe, your people, and we can unite across this land to bring about a change.

I don’t need you to save me. I only need you to join with me.


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