Watch out, Dharma coming at you!


By Amanda DuBose

Meditation can be hard in the best of circumstances, but with a teenager, a feisty five year old, a mischievous two year old and two rambunctious kittens, it can be, well, really difficult to find a quiet moment.

As our little people can’t mix and mingle safely still, my Sangha experiences are all online: with Awakening Heart in Des Moines, IA; Compassionate Ocean in Australia; and through the Rains Retreat with Plum Village in France. My practice gets around, even though I always have a view of the Smoky Mountains.

This was me trying to focus on my breath at 6:00 am on a Friday, just calming my mind before the busy day began… at least it was only one of them squirming in my lap this time!



Photo: author provided

Editor: Dana Gornall


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