That alarm clock means you get another chance at life, you get another chance to change your life. Think about how wonderful it is that a new day has come just for you. Fill your heart with gratitude for all that you have in your life and all of the things that are working out for you.

By Crystal Caracciolo

I was always a morning person.

I used to get up two hours before I had to so that I could have more time to myself. It started when I was about eight years old. What can I say? I liked to have the time to enjoy my breakfast, shower, get dressed, make sure all my books were packed, homework was completed and then watch whatever early morning television shows that were on until I had to wake my mom up. Even then, I knew the power of the morning and I knew that I didn’t want to be in a rush, late and disorganized. I knew that I had to get up and get ready because if I didn’t I wouldn’t make it to school.

My mom was the complete opposite of a morning person and liked and needed to sleep in late and if I didn’t get her up and going, the day wouldn’t start and I didn’t like that feeling. I didn’t like feeling like I was behind and not up to speed with the day. I liked structure, being centered and in alignment because it made me feel productive and empowered. Yes, even at eight and even though I had no idea what those three things were, I felt I needed it. The soul always knows what is best for us.

My morning routine over the years shifted and actions were added and eliminated depending on where I was in my life. For the most part I always maintained a good amount of space and time between when I got up and when I had to focus on the day at hand. There were increments of time when I slacked and hit snooze way more than I should have and I can tell you exactly when those pockets of slack were.

The times that I didn’t want to get out of bed, it was because sleep meant my mind was quiet, calm, relaxed and at ease. I wasn’t worried, full of overthinking, judgements and anxiety when I was sleeping. When I got into those ruts, it was the few times I didn’t have new goals, visions, intentions and desires in place. I was stuck and bored and feeling so empty that it was difficult to focus on a vision for the future. I was so unhappy and unfulfilled so I hit snooze again and again, and for a while my morning routine was non-existent (unless of course it was for something that I really wanted to do the next morning).

For example, I’d get up early if I had to catch a flight to go the airport for vacation, if I had the day set to see someone I was missing, if there was a big celebration I was looking forward to. If it was anything that got me out of bed quickly in those times, it had to be worth it.I had to be looking forward to something and it had to light my heart on fire.

And so for most of us, that is what it comes down to isn’t it? We have to have something to look forward to in order to feel inspired for a new day. We have to feel the pull of something greater than ourselves to not hit the snooze button and get up feeling alive and ready for the day. A morning ritual and routine allows us to wake up and get clear and intentional about our day and our lives.

When we create a morning ritual, we feel empowered and prepared. We take our power back and feel aligned no matter what the day brings our way. We embrace the day and take control of the unfolding of it instead of letting the day take control of us.

When we wake up every morning, the day is ours to mold. We get another chance at renewal, a chance to grow and expand and most importantly a chance to re-pattern how our lives are progressing. Here is a routine that I have found absolutely crucial in my life and that I know will help you if it is applied in your life as well. It has changed the way I see mornings, my days and my life.

The Night Before, Visualize Getting Up in the Morning As Soon As The Alarm Goes Off

The best way to prepare for getting up at the sound of the first alarm is to see yourself motivated for the next morning and visualizing yourself getting up and feeling ready for the day the night before. Picture yourself prepared for the next day, excited to take on the tasks ahead, empowered by a new day, and a new chance to improve.

A great tool to help you feel prepared is to write out a to do list for the next day the night before and visualize getting it all done efficiently and effectively as you drift off into slumber. See the next day unfolding as you wish it to unfold, and see yourself being the type of person that wakes up with ease when the alarm goes off. Imagine yourself productive, efficient, energized and productive. Doing this often will train your brain to embrace mornings and your life. We are who we imagine ourselves to be.

Shut The Alarm Off, Sit Up at the Edge of the Bed and Dive into Gratitude

When we hit the snooze button consistently our day starts off sluggish and then turns into a rush. When our day begins rushed and we haven’t had time to prepare for the day, we are more agitated, we feel more anxiety, a sense of lack of control and overall disempowered as we feel like we are victims of time. We start to resent time, our lives and our schedules but we have to remember that for some, a new day never came.

When the alarm goes off, instead of feeling annoyed and angry that we have to get up we should smile. We should feel gratitude that a new day has begun. That alarm clock means you get another chance at life, you get another chance to change your life. Think about how wonderful it is that a new day has come just for you. Fill your heart with gratitude for all that you have in your life and all of the things that are working out for you.

Begin simple with the very bed you spent the night on, the roof over your head, the warmth or coolness of your home and breakfast to come. Feel gratitude in your heart for another chance to wake up. You are healthy, mobile and having all the things that you need to start the day. When we consistently hit snooze, we essentially declare that we are not ready for a new day which is a blessing. So get up, get the rampage of gratitude going and shift how you see the new day.

Meditate, Pray, Get Centered

We must take some time to center ourselves once we awaken. I suggest doing this before doing anything else while the brain has not went into overdrive yet. The day is going to throw tasks at us, and a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts enter our consciousness the moment we wake up. When we grab a hold of our thoughts before they grab a hold of us we create peace of mind for the day.

Centering could be done through meditation, prayer, complete silence or listening to instrumental music but we must create a space for ourselves to get clear about our intentions for the day and breathe in the breath of a new day with positive expectancy. Taking the time to center ourselves, we will decide on the day that we would like to have instead of letting the day take control of us.

When we have a clear vision, intention and action plan for our day, we have an action plan for our lives. I spend about thirty minutes working on balancing my chakras and an energy medicine routine by Donna Eden. The amount of alignment that I gain from this has been astounding to say the least. I find less things bother me throughout the day and I am much more aware of my thoughts and mindset throughout the day when I have done this. It has also opened up a door for inspiration and a feeling of guidance and increased intuition.

Journal/Free Writing

Writing without any set intention is extremely freeing. When we put our thoughts and emotions down on paper, it is amazing what comes out especially after we have come out of a meditation. I personally like to write out positive empowering affirmations, my goals achieved in present tense sentences, present tense “stories” of things I desire already manifested and how they feel, as well as small accomplishments and gains I am seeing in my life. In general, as long as you are writing positive thoughts and feelings, you will feel your vibration rise and there will be a release.

If negativity pours onto the page, rather than fight it, let it flow and then write out how you would want the situation to go instead, always ending with it positive. Our thoughts have power but our written thoughts have even more. Get them out of your head and into a notebook. I have gotten into the practice of doing this daily and it has shifted me immensely. I feel more grounded, clear and my mind feels prepared for the day in a way that it never was before.

Move Your Body

Maybe you don’t see yourself working out in the morning but there has to be some movement in your body. Whether you do a few jumping jacks, yoga poses, stretches, or marching in place, it truly doesn’t matter, but get the energy moving, and the blood pumping. Our bodies are meant to move and when we have increase our blood flow, increased our heart rate even for a few minutes, we give our body vitality and prepare it for the day. This movement is a signal for your body to align with your mind. They are connected and so if you align your mind before the day begins, you must do the same with your body.

Personal Development

Beginning the day with uplifting, inspirational and motivating content instead of the news, television, the radio or social media/email is crucial if you want to have a productive morning that in turn transforms your entire day. We are extremely receptive in the morning especially after we have centered ourselves. In order to stay consistent and going towards our goals and desires, we have to keep our minds filled with positive content that serves us. For true expansion to happen in our lives, we have to be getting better daily, we have to be learning from those that already have it down. We have to be filling our consciousness with light, love and growth.

Now, I know what you are thinking: How am I supposed to have time to do all of this? Well the truth is that these can all be done in a matter of 10 minutes or an hour.

It really all depends on the sacrifice that you are willing to make. Are you willing to wake up a little earlier to feel more aligned in life? Are you willing to wake up earlier to feel more empowered? To feel less stressed? To be connected to a source that will guide you to the things that you desire in life? When we get into the habit of this routine and declare that we are willing to invest in spiritual and mental growth, our entire lives will shift. Things unfold in a very different way than they previous were. Doors will open up, opportunities will come, and you won’t be as bothered by the little day to day upsets. We feel in control of our lives versus our lives being in control of us.

As Louise Hay said, “How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day and how you live your day is the way you live your life.”

Our mornings are numbered. Our days are numbered. We need to make them count. We need to take that new day before us and mold it to what we want it to be instead of letting circumstances mold us. We need to take control of our mornings because that is where our power to thrive begins. Mornings are a blank page, a new chapter of a new book. Write it how you want it to be and don’t be a victim of the alarm clock.

When that alarm clock goes off you say to yourself “Ah, hello world. I have risen and I am ready for this day, let’s do this.” And then you get out of that bed and you own the day. I can promise you that when you stay consistent with this ritual and make it as important as brushing your teeth, your life will shift in a way that you never could have imagined. I think that is worth getting up at the sound of the alarm.

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ: this is your new and improved life calling. Wake up and answer the call.


Crystal Caracciolo is a Holistic Life Coach and specializes in helping woman heal their mind, body and soul through behavior/mindset re-patterning, personal development, nutrition, and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques. Crystal’s intention is to have women  realize their worthiness and become the best version of themselves so they can live fulfilled, joyful, abundant and healthy lives. You can connect with her on Facebook.



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Editor: Dana Gornall



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