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By Debbie Lynn

We run across this all the time.

People with shitty attitudes and a blaring disrespect for anything or anyone that is moving ahead of us (“us”, the ones who strive for a bit of peace and betterment). We watch them as they go higher, make more money, trample on more people and we wonder: how is that possible? The reason can be a bitter pill. Desire supersedes all.

The hardest thing about sorting this all out is the logic; it just doesn’t seem right… yet it is. But the way others operate will not always be in alignment with our hearts. What we deem right or wrong has nothing to do with why people get what they want. People flourish when they have aligned with their inner desire and that is called the fire within. A very powerful tool that they have learned how to use so nothing can- or will- stop them.

When this happens (good, bad or indifferent), we have to remember these souls are so driven that they cannot consciously see the mess they create. They are blind to the people they hurt and the damage they do on their way to whatever it is that has ignited their fire. Again, how it is done, whether right or wrong in our eyes, is irrelevant. It is the mindset, the motivation and the will to succeed at any and all costs. It seems as if they sell their souls to the Devil.  Perhaps? But it is not our concern.

Emotional attachment.

And no matter how it looks, it is wise to check in with our own emotional attachment to the righteousness—righteousness being our jealousy, anger and resentment that we hold of someone who may doing well. Our view needs to be thoughtfully considered. Again, we do not need to agree with their tactics, but the less time we spend in negativity about them, the more time we have to give to better our own intentions. In other words, detach. If we can find one small, peaceful thought about a nasty situation and practice this modality, it becomes the alchemy that shifts our views. We begin to have a deeper understanding of ourselves, which in turn flows to humanity.

What goes around comes around.

Karma takes care of itself. This is a beautiful thing to put in your pocket—you see, no matter what is going on, we all (even the ones who seem untouched) have to deal with the repercussions of our actions at some point in time. So when the urge to spout off about an ugly situation is pushing our buttons, remember… it isn’t necessary.  The Universe has our back as long as we don’t engage in someone else’s Karma, we stay clean, protected and real. We don’t have to get upset anymore. So while it seems as if the “undeserved” are being exalted from a problematic life—eventually their diamonds turn out to be nothing more than broken glass.

The underlying layer.

Knowing how the wheel spins, we have to be careful with our own desires, as it is very easy to get caught up in the idea of retribution; after all, we are human. Wishing and or enjoying the wrath of the unsavory Soul’s echo can be seductive. But under the guise of “they will get what they deserve,” we can easily find a false a sense of security—we are not safe. There is nothing romantic about vindication. Instead of wishing them harm, wish them enlightenment; this is another way to rise above what hurts us below.

There will always be layers that we will not understand, and the ones who thrive under these multi-faceted lies and manipulation appear to have very thick skin yet, we really don’t know for sure that their sub-conscious is unaffected. They have to sleep with their motives. So we can fight the good fight without fighting at all when we peel back our truth, stay in it, and honor the raw intensity of working inside out, instead of simply talking about their superficial toxicity.

With the bad, there is good.

In one sense we can take the ways of the successful and use them as examples of how “to be” or how “not to be” depending on our own personal view but we can’t police anyone, only ourselves. Eventually things even out. It may not be how we want it to be but yin/yang is balanced, unbiased, and true as our world has a unique way keeping things stable even when we are just slightly tipped at the axis. The polarity is here, the days and nights share the same space and we all are here to fulfill our purpose.

So if we can embrace the “bad” and know that the thorn on the rose has value, getting through and understanding some atrocities is slightly easier. Not right or wrong—easier. We just have to remember the attention factor. As James Redfield reminds us, “where the attention goes the energy flows.”

Being mindful of the concept (that it has no “good or bad”) and that it has validity, with a lot of force behind it brings a new meaning to desire (i.e. how much do you want it?).

Powerful isn’t it? The influence is everywhere, just take a look. It makes a compelling case to thought, word and deed.

Photo: Peter Schaller

Editor: Peter Schaller