in the sea


By Debbie Lynn


With no particular affiliation to any religion, I am not bound by ritual, prayers or mediation, but I do them all.

I am a just a simple woman with a deep conviction to the pleasantries of life and a respect for the “Mother” and the “Father of all things.” Over the years, I have built my connection to them personally, and that has helped propel my curiosity.

My home is not a permanent place (I am a nomad sailing the sea), so “living in the moment” is not something I have to practice; it is my life. It is imperative for my safety and well being, mind, body and soul.

There are times when the water meets the horizon and they melt into each other, peacefully, calmly and without issue, they dance in perfect harmony. The rhythm is tidal and it hypnotizes my whole body. I become that song and say a little prayer in gratitude.

I rely on the wind to fill me, mentally and physically, and it has no problem complying, however it can go static in heartbeat then taunt me and whisper sweet nothings. It will rage at any given moment, stir up the atmosphere and challenge my ability to hold awareness. With that, it keeps my attention and my mind clear.

It is always the source within the source, and I bow to it.

There are certain sounds that call me to even a greater observation (and I always answer). They are the waves lapping against the hull, wind in the rigging and the sound of the bell. They are the backdrop of my consciousness as the birds, the clouds and the colors add another layer to the world of my life at sea.

As above, so below, the mimicked imagery (sky to the ocean floor) is mind-blowing and it reaffirms that every drop of water returns to the sea and we are one.

And I wrote:

              Crescent mornings – 

            The moon just tucked itself into the breaking the sunlight and there is a quiet breeze—               wispy, unassuming and warm. A curious turtle pops his head  up through the                             turquoise serenity, takes a look around and decides it is  better, safer, and clearer                     under the sea.

            The hungry Remora vie for position under the keel and stir up serenity; it is                              just another day in their world but far from ordinary in mine.

           A cloud bank on the horizon drops a bit of mist creating an array of color that arcs in            an impressive way—the way only a rainbow can do but quickly disappears into                        nothingness. (A sweet hello from my Dad)


A long time ago, I could never imagine my feet firmly planted terra firma, so this is what I created from that intuitive knowing. The longing to be—longing to have anything or to be anywhere else subsided when I stopped searching and simply traveled (physically and mentally). No agenda, no enlightenment, no extravagances—just living and learning.

And one day, when a tiny little pebble, barely the size of a lady bug, caught my eye, on an ordinary walk, in an ordinary street, in an ordinary neighborhood, on an ordinary day, I knew right then there is so much out there to be beholden to.

People often say, “How can you be so free, so disconnected? I want your life.” My reply is this: Freedom comes at a price, but the cost is not high; it is a choice. So do it. We make too much out of nothing and then let nothing overwhelm our being. When this happens everything falls apart and we miss the smallest nuances that hold the keys to happiness. We all have the power to be present in the most mundane life and be lost at sea in what we are doing. With that power everything becomes special and surreal.

It is about attracting the life you want and surrendering to it.

It is about seizing the moment—every moment (good, bad or indifferent)—and thanking it for the experience. It is about releasing preconceived ideals of what tomorrow is, what yesterday was and sailing into the sea of serenity. And yes, it is that simple.

We will always have problems—such is life, but allowing synchronicities to wrap us up and cradle our deepest secrets while engaging in the truth of our existence and the daily grind, we lessen the demands of unfilled wants.

They wash away, we melt into the ocean and become a drop again.


Photo: les-memorables/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall