By Jamie Burgess

I sit here tonight,

my heart full of


A certainty so deep within me,

I feel it aching in my bones.

This life

is a gift,

an opportunity-

to be Love


to be Divinity

in flesh,

to be a Prayer

with feet.

I breathe a gentle

“Thank you”

with each and every heartbeat.


for their unwavering devotion

in expressing my heart’s anthem,

its beautiful and steady song,

“I am. I am.”

Born of stardust

and moonlight,

containing oceans

and lightning,

I was created for this.




Jamie BurgessJamie Burgess is a wild, creative, adventurous heart. She is a mama, writer, doula, photographer, tree-hugger, stargazer, lover of books and music.  Her heart’s desire is to encourage and inspire others with her art and life. She is committed to living with courage, daily, and following her heart, always. You can connect with her on both Facebook and Instagram.



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Editor: Dana Gornall



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