The rallying cry for change cannot be ignored. No longer can we cower in the shadows and hope that someone else will take care of it. People are rediscovering their voice and making it heard loud and clear.


By Tanya Tiger

I sit here, unsure what to write.

It’s been so long since I felt even a tickle of inspiration or desire to put “pen to paper.” The world around me is swirling in a strange state of chaos mixed with unity, as if the universe itself was walking the line between expansion and complete collapse. There is an odd hum of energy no matter where you turn. People who have said or done little to voice their opinions are turning out in droves to express what their hearts can no longer bear to keep silent. There is a great wave of fear which threatens to drown us all but we are too strong, too defiant to dip our heads beneath the water or get caught up in the current of panic. No, we keep swimming, and we act as buoys for those just learning how to swim.

Never before, in my lifetime, have I personally seen such an epic uprising.

The outcry is primal. It shakes the very ground we stand on and explodes like thunder across the landscape. I could feel this energy rising prior to the election. I knew in my soul that no matter who won, there would be a reckoning. To have a woman rise to such a position of power in a culture that has been driven by patriarchy would have brought its own tremors and resistance to change. That outcome, I believe, would have ushered in transformation but not on the level we are seeing since Trump was elected. No, this outcome was the wakeup call we sorely needed.

Sad as it is, it has taken the election of a madman to get us to pay attention.

Throughout this entire process, our shadows have been dragged into the light. We have been forced to look at ourselves, our way of life, and we have to face the fact that we created the very situation we now find ourselves in. The silver lining is this…we created this mess together so now we can clean it up together.

This nation has been long divided across numerous lines: race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, differing abilities and so on. Now we have been given a chance to come together and truly unite on a human level. I’m often amazed that it takes a major event to motivate change but I’m thankful for these opportunities. I think, for the first time, we really see one another. We are seeing past the surface and seeing the source. We have been gifted an opportunity to heal old wounds like never before, to come together as a tribe and push for real and lasting change.

I know that this has shaken many to their core. I know that it left many angry, confused, scared, and lost. I know that it pulled back the curtain so we could see how very broken our system of government has become. I also know that this election has removed the blinders and provided something to unify around. The rallying cry for change cannot be ignored. No longer can we cower in the shadows and hope that someone else will take care of it. People are rediscovering their voice and making it heard loud and clear.

We will not stand for injustice.

We will not stand for our rights to be taken away. We will not stand for hate, racism, sexism, ageism, or any other form of divisive attempts at control to rule our nation. The current people in power were put there by us. We have forgotten that We The People hold the real power and that is just how they like it. They want us to be sheep so they can herd us in the direction they choose.

I am not a sheep and neither is anyone reading these words. Do not let anyone convince you that it’s hopeless or pointless. It’s only when we give into that mode of thinking that we lose ground. As long as we stand unified and keep pushing back against the status quo, we will be triumphant.

You have a voice…use it.

Let us take the chaos and use it to transform our country, our world. Let us look back on this moment in time and say proudly, “When all hope seemed lost and chaos ruled supreme, we did not back down, we stood taller. That is when we woke up and took back our power!”


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Editor: Dana Gornall