By Don Ford

A Special Child, Mathew

I thought about this little life
How it never stood a chance
This precious little mother’s boy
Against a brutal father’s hand.

This special child was marked
For a place reserved above
A quiet place of restfulness
This place chuck full of LOVE.

A welcome place for Mathew
Well known before his birth
One parent had no use for him
The other saw his total worth.

On strings the Angels gently pull
Drawn up to God in Heaven above
It may not make much sense to some
Our God, He is, a God of LOVE.


This is a poem written by Don Ford after reading Sarah’s incredible essay. Below is a portion of that essay.

I am a mother of four boys, two possibly three of which are special needs.

I live out in the middle of nowhere with my children trying to find peace in my life. If I told you where I came from you would be horrified. I came from the pit of despair to become a fighter for the people like me—protecting vulnerable women, men and children from abuse, changing the laws of the land and using the power of the media to be heard. I should not exist.

My children should not exist, but we do. I walk a lonely path in life with my children but take comfort in trying to help others trying to make a difference in life and trying to protect. I have nothing to my name except a car and my children and a tin house in the country.

As a teenager I would get involved with the human rights movements of the world, anti slavery, amnesty international etc. My path was set in stone and from a young age when the abuse started—every form of abuse that you could imagine.

I left home at 16 to escape it all and left the country. I found a man and fell in love but he was a monster. I had been with him since the age of 16. I wouldn’t even begin to divulge to you all what he did to me (and his friend too) but from what happened to me came my four little boys into the world. I had a fifth—Mathew—but he died in the womb after he beat me so badly and left me miscarrying for weeks in front of the others. I left after Mathew was born. I feel he was an angel sent from God to give me a wake up call. He saved my life.

My path is set and I’m moving forward with it as it is not for profit, but for the good of mankind. It’s the only way to protect the young and vulnerable from abuse. I am also finishing my book called For the Love of Mathew…Fleeing Justice.

I will not find peace until my task is done and I cannot rest easy until I know that people are protected from these beasts.




This poem was published in the book: Came Thunder and the Rain by Don Ford


Don FordDon Ford is a storyteller who began at 15 to pen Poetry & Short Stories. A Native American writer with a strong belief in Creator God and an Environmentalist caring for the natural world. He writes in every genre. He hopes humor keeps readers turning the pages of his work. Don’s work has landed him publishing contracts throughout the U. S. and Europe; Portugal and Cyprus in particular with connections in 62 other countries. He does Editing for short stories up to novellas, along with cover art for their books. From 2006 to 2011, he was the Forum Moderator for both the Humor Forum and the Spiritual Forum for Readers Digest Magazine. He was also the named Storyteller for the New York State Parks and Recreation Dept. at the New York State Fair Aug./ Sept. 2011. email:


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Editor: Dana Gornall