girl in light

By Amanda Dobby

Let’s set the world Straight

Every single time I thought I was failing, I was indeed learning of unconditional acceptance and love; and therefore I was serving the Creator, Light, and Love.

Every single time I thought I was alone and unworthy, I was indeed learning of how to stand alone and free; and therefore I was serving the Creator, Light, and Love.

Every single time I thought I was lost, I was simply exploring a path that would come to be traversed by another; and therefore I was serving the Creator, Light, and Love.

Our purpose is not in suffering and remaining silent; and it is not in withholding ourselves from the pursuit of our passions and dreams.

Our deepest desires are not to go to bed at night with lingering regrets in our heads; and weighing heavily on our spirits, and in our hearts.

Our minds are not places to be littered with words left unsaid, and things left undone.

Our talents are not meant to be left undiscovered, left dormant, or restrained for fear or shame.

Beauty is not something that is meant for us to contain; and when we do so, our spirits push back against the internal restraints, and this causes the anger, blame and hate.

The divine purpose is that we overcome the illusion of duality in this life.

The illusion is that there are two sides to everything, and our belief is that we are only to possess one side of this everything.

We believe that we are either whole and loved, or broken and alone; when we are truly meant to have, encompass and experience both, in order to find and come to eventually make our honorable homes.

We are always alone; and never alone.

We are always meant to rise, stand, wander and explore; yet we are never lost or far from the stars, and all that we are.

We are never failing, we are only learning, growing, shedding and changing along with the seasons of the Great Mother Earth.

The universe is shifting; and I am going to flow, and shift, along with the gifts that are now going to rain down on all of our big and small little towns, and each of our personal and long hidden crowns.

Life is a journey of learning; and unfortunately this backwards world sometimes warps our realities, so that we can no longer see all that we were meant to have, to give, and to become.

Blinded by the light, we grow confused and start to feel misused and abused; and in so doing we trap ourselves in a prison where none of the creators gifts can truly be given.

We must accept that we are only worthy of the best, and forget all the rest; so that our spirits can finally come to experience fulfillment, abundance and peaceful and eternal rest.

Quit fighting the universe; the battle is won, and the struggle is almost gone and done.

My beautiful spirits and souls that are hiding in the shadows of self- hate, sorrow and remorse; it is time to forever shift your own course.

Open your arms and receive the gifts the creator has longed to give you all for so long.

Follow your hearts flaming, beautiful and eternal song.


Amanda DobbyAmanda Dobby has recently undertaken a spiritual quest of awakening, awareness, acceptance, and reconnection. One the universe attempted to kick start, and foster several times throughout her short life so far, and continues to guide today. She is a free spirit, a lover of words, a wanderer, and a seeker of all things once thought lost. As an aspiring writer, poet and artist, Amanda hopes that through her own struggles, she may raise awareness. Helping to strip away stigmas, stereotypes, and separation, and inspire others to transcend their own personal limits. She has finally realized how broken we all are, how beautiful that really is, and that acceptance of our brokenness, is exactly what makes us whole.


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Editor: Alicia Wozniak