waiting by water


By Amanda Dobby


I kept asking someone to explain

Why I have experienced all this pain

I would feel this constant drain

Like I was going against the grain

I realized the answer was in my brain

A new side is slowly taking reign

I need to dance naked in the rain

Learn how to be wild and free again

Realize I was always sane

Bear my soul so demons are slain

So many things I can attain

So much inside I shouldn’t contain

If I start to campaign

Reaching out to those who want to break the chain

Convince others to Leave behind all the mundane

Understand our dreams aren’t insane

Teach others that all these parts of us society thinks profane

From our suffering they always gain

While we struggle with shame

Broken spirits become what remains

Everyone can again regain

All the lost parts of us we can reclaim

Our true selves we should not restrain

If we can retrain our brains magic is all that remains

It was always ours to claim

Power is all around us that can sustain


Amanda DobbyAmanda Dobby has recently undertaken a spiritual quest of awakening, awareness, acceptance, and reconnection. One the universe attempted to kick start, and foster several times throughout her short life so far, and continues to guide today. She is a free spirit, a lover of words, a wanderer, and a seeker of all things once thought lost. As an aspiring writer, poet and artist, Amanda hopes that through her own struggles, she may raise awareness. Helping to strip away stigmas, stereotypes, and separation, and inspire others to transcend their own personal limits. She has finally realized how broken we all are, how beautiful that really is, and that acceptance of our brokenness, is exactly what makes us whole.


Photo: (lovelyreveries/blog)

Editor: Dana Gornall