Faith Book Review
By Ty Phillips


Victoria Zackheim’s anthology Faith, was a thought provoking ride through the narrow gap between faith and doubt.

The selections for the book were humorous, thought provoking, and shed light on the basic human experience, regardless of our stance on religion. Often we feel there is a yawning chasm of difference between what we perceive to be them and us, yet the stories showed more, a basic desire for a shared happiness in this thing we call life.

Delving into topics of the wish to believe, the struggle of doubt as a believer, and even the process of faith and study leading to a lack of belief, I understood and felt deeply, each passage of this wonderful text.

Zackheim authors whose prose complimented and contradicted each other; those changed by an experience of death and those unmoved in the face of death. This tour de force of thought, faith, fear, and folly is one for every reader.

I found myself nodding in agreement, laughing in delight and even grieving in a sense of shared understanding. I have stood in the shoes of many of these authors, as a believer, a doubter, and now something in between. It was a charming and heartwarming ride of though.

A recommended read for atheist and believer.