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By Saraswati J

Sun has now shifted from its powerful exaltation sign, Aries, into earthy and grounded Taurus.

He joins Mars and Mercury here as well. A new Sun energy begins during this waxing cycle! All three planets receive gaze from Rahu and Saturn, adding stormy weather and the propensity for swift change and transformation in the coming days.

This cycle of Sun offers us deeper grounding and support if we can find connection. Stability will be a top priority, while communication and expression will be vital to receive the nourishment we desire. Stand in your power, take your space, root and ground. Let your desires be known and ask for what you want.

Be open to receive. How are you inviting in the abundance of life energy?

Mercury retrogrades on May 18th for over three weeks and will resume direct motion on June 11th. Retrograde planets act like the shadow nodes Rahu and Ketu, and bring us reminders, returns and reflections. Mercury is intimately connected to communication, creativity, the mental body and our ability to share, as well as commerce, business and the market place.

Contrary to popular belief, when Mercury goes retrograde, life and all communication is not ill-fated. In fact, it is a time for us to clean up, re-trace steps and pay closer attention to the messages that arrive. Use this cycle to express yourself more potently, find deeper stability and support, while getting clearer about your needs for nourishment. What aren’t you saying?

As the Moon fills, Venus moves into Cancer on May 30th and brings intensified feelings around heart and home matters. Sudden changes, fluctuations or shifts in our comfort level may arrive.

What does your heart tell you about your needs for safety, comfort and support?

It’s time to create what you want and quit making excuses. Ask for the nourishment you need once and for all. Notice who and what shows up to support you.

Let women, the arts, land, property and home help you get your needs met. Your creativity will be the ultimate determining factor for what you allow in and receive. Let your creativity help you thrive!

Full Moon is Tuesday, June 2 at 11:18 CDT while the Moon is in Scorpio and Jyestha Nakshatra.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic (sidereal) rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your Western sign (Tropical) as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Continue to create and connect consciously, using your artistry, creativity and communication skills. What you put out, is what you will receive, so navigate your messages carefully. It’s time to get the nourishment you have been craving and find new ways of finding support. What are you ingesting, allowing into your life? What needs to be eliminated and released once and for all? Get tenacious about what you are feeding yourself. Upgrade your health and wellness.

Taurus: You are finding new ways to ground, land, and get the support you need. Passion stirs your heart and home. There’s a lot of heat in your head right now. How can you relieve some of the pressure? Are you taking on too much? Saying yes, when you should be saying no? Get creative, communicate and connect. Delegate, share, ask. Relationships will be a lot less challenging if you invite others into your sacred space.

Gemini: Continue to resource from your depths. Pause and take time to be still and silent. In these moments you will gather the resources and visions for more creative action steps. Communicate and co-create, gather your tribe and network. Share your vision, your creativity and trust your hands to share the messages. Seek balance in diet for deeper, lasting nourishment and support from the inside out. Release and let go, simplify and stabilize through the wisdom of your gut and colon.

Cancer: Retreat, rest and rejuvenation continue for you. Stay in bed as much as possible and enjoy leisure time. This is imperative for hitting re-set before Venus moves to your first house on the 30th. Life is upgrading, are you syncing with the changes? Let friends be helpful and supportive. Speak your needs and allow them to rally around you. The ones who show up are the ones to keep close. What are the ways in which you are expanding yourself and your life container? Where is there resistance to this expansion? Be a bit more fearless.

Leo: Take action, communicate and connect with your career and dharma. It’s time to rise and shine, share and be seen! It will take effort but trust that the obstacles arriving are helping you show up for your life in a bigger way. Teach, share and advise in foreign places, on retreats and while traveling. What nourishment are you moving towards? How can you get fed more intimately in your life by showing up and sharing in new ways?

Virgo: Step closer to your dharma, your life path and stand in your knowing. It’s time to gather the wisdom and truth that is within you and start to share, connect and create with it. Use your relationships to get support, to help you step up, step out and stand your ground. Stability and nourishment are available for you. Are you open to receiving or filled with doubt? Don’t let the critic sabotage your efforts or keep you from getting what you need.

Libra: Changes are happening deep within you. Much of this cycle will feel like a repeat, a haunt from the past, transformation that is intrinsically karmic. The other part of the process is about deep healing, rest and pause. Go slow and be intentional with this change. Creativity is a huge part of your resiliency and vitality. How creative are you allowing yourself to be? Let your relationships and your artistry become an offering. Dig up your depths in order to find new material. Staying on the surface of life will only keep you in mediocrity.

Scorpio: Relationships are vital for you and your career right now. How can you reach out and connect in new ways? Strengthen your stability and support systems by co-creating, communicating, networking, resourcing from others. Your artistry, relationships and creativity are going through a transformation. Some of this may feel like very familiar territory. Old relationships and partners may re-emerge to test you. What do you really want and need? What parts of yourself are you ready to release and let go of? Keep sharing, teaching and giving your wisdom. People are hungry to connect. Make it easy for them.

Sagittarius: Your stomach is asking you to listen for messages. It is craving connection, sweetness and satisfaction. It won’t come from food or intoxicants, but from nourishing, creative connections and conversations. These connections can lead you to share yourself and your work in bigger and bolder ways and to deepen your life purpose. Take rest, meditate and introspect. Let the pause button be a vital part of your self care process. This will feed you and help you be nourished more deeply.

Capricorn: Continue to clean up your diet, gut and lifestyle. Avoid falling off the wagon with too many sweets and intoxicants. Your stomach is giving you some really loud messages right now. Are you listening to its wisdom? There is healing to be done with digestion, assimilation of nourishment and elimination. Strive for deep, wholesome nourishment and support in all areas of your life. Start with diet, but let this be a metaphor for all that you are feeding yourself with. How can you share this with others and support their transformation as well as your own?

Aquarius: Home, heart, land and all things mother are asking you to connect and create in new ways. Your heart and stomach are intimately connected. The way to your heart is through the wisdom of your gut. Work with your shadows and start peeling back the layers of your suffering. This is what binds you to others and makes your career potent. Offer and share your struggles, your humanity, and get real. People appreciate authenticity. The only thing worse than being fake is refusing to work with your own challenges and obstacles. Be the light by transforming your dark matter.

Pisces: Create, communicate, connect. Get your hands into some paint and put your life-vision onto a canvas. Sing, share, use your voice. Let your heart sing! Be bold and share your vulnerability with others. Let your creativity and artistry be the messenger. Parts of you are desperately trying to emerge from the shadows. Be fearless in your excavation process. Share and connect with others through your vulnerability. Be witnessed and be a witness.


Saraswati JSaraswati J is a Jyotish Coach and Consultant, bridging ancient Jyotish wisdom with Embodiment and Expressive Art Therapy resources. Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers—and those who need insights for their dharmic path and personal transformation process. Check out her website and find her on Facebook. You can join her newsletter for special astrological insights or register for her weekly Jyotish Basics classes for an extra dose of healing wisdom. Additionally, she creates unique adornments with the urban goddess in mind. Check out her jewelry at Swati Jr* Jewelry and also on Facebook.


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Editor: Dana Gornall