By Gerry Ellen

Can we all just settle down for a moment?

Can our hearts relax and be patient and be kind, even if just for one honest second? The gracefulness of life has somehow taken a back seat to pushing and yelling and the anxiety of where we are all going.

Busting at the seams with reality is no longer simply magnified in the actual world. We are giant leaping into otherwise unknown territories. Relationships are reconfiguring. Connections far and wide are dropping off the face of the earth due to overwhelm. People are expressing a need to run and hide and never look back.

All I can fathom is the result of pulsating transformation that won’t let up until it smacks us in the face once again, until we no longer can push back. Are we sincerely taking inventory of our personal space and who we choose to share time with?

Balance is no longer an option, it is a necessity. The equilibrium of the highest caliber to lean on and teeter-totter is not some child’s play anymore. And oh boy, do we have days of unrest and tension because we just can’t seem to figure out which way to go, and whether or not that particular way is going to lead to much of anything.

Enter love—and suddenly, it is all going to be okay.

Redesigning and re-evaluating everything (and then some) takes a heart-filled amount of saturation. Who we are and what we do is for the service of humanity.

I cannot stress enough how different and unique we all are and need to embrace this fact. What I do has nothing to do with what you do, yet we are connected in what we all do. Love is the only answer. That one emotion and substance of soul is what keeps us all connected in this spinning mad world.

It has taken me a good part of over 50 plus years to really come to terms with what makes me happy, and you know what? It’s about the simplest things possible. Nature, creativity, meeting souls who are in need of something, animals, and relationships far and wide that mutually feed each other.

Giving and generosity comes from deep down, past our very own hearts and bellies and hips. We help each other who display a level of vulnerability because it stirs things inside. We listen to words and crying out for attention because it makes us whole and gives us purpose.

Is it the homeless person on the corner, or the young teen struggling to succeed, or the adult looking for a new path to call her/his own?

Whatever the depth of the story behind the eyes and expression, we rise up in love to meet it.

Humans willing to go the extra mile for what they believe and who they are, that is the tribe we align with today. We cannot run away from what’s staring us in the face any longer. Our very own livelihood of all things beautiful is no longer tucked away.

It’s out there people, and it’s exploding and awesome and creating a globe of epic proportions.

What can I give? I started a pup/human business to help others learn the value of interactive movement engaging with their companion. It’s not fancy and I probably could do better on my own advertising, but you know what? I wake up knowing how happy this whole creative process makes me, and the people we run into every moment who begin to smile and engage.

This entire simple collective feeling isn’t just about what I’m enjoying. It is about how my dog and I can help others who need a dose of happiness and joy in their lives.

That’s it, and I can assure you that on a conscious level it ripples out into the day. My first novel was entitled Ripple Effects and it considered the premise of everyone having a voice and being that voice, and owning that voice.

Now, almost three years after its publication, I feel as though we are broken wide open and speaking and being vulnerable and accepting the notion that it’s all good, because it is.

Love is the only answer.

If we can embrace it and feel it, then the ripples will continue, and what a forever blessing that is and will be.

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Editor: Dana Gornall