Illuminating the Awakened Woman
By Gerry Ellen


This is the third collection of poems in a trilogy of Catherine Ghosh’s poetry novels, and hands down my favorite and most cherished one.

Maybe it’s my love of the waning and waxing moon cycles, maybe it’s the genuine vulnerabilities of each woman in the pages of this book, or maybe their voices have escalated in such a way as to shine so brilliantly in their crafted words and poems. In awe of their stories and how each inspiring woman sang their own authentic tune throughout, this final book in the series is saturated with free form prose and essays.

Every turned page I was more intrigued and more enchanted with their limitless forms by cracking open wider in their creativity. Each poem felt like passages from a sacred source—the guts and hearts of each goddess spilling their stories onto paper for all to see.

I couldn’t put it down, even though I had every opportunity to do so.

The attuning of these poetic women casts a magical spell onto the reader into an effortless mood of enlightenment, contentment, and overall serendipity. The universe will surely be heightened and comforted to sense how their freedom to be in the here and now is very much in harmony with how the world has evolved to this space and time.

Some of these women I have the opportunity to know through personal communication via the internet, others I admire from afar, and many are new to the scene for me, yet what they created on paper is an art form that gives the reader inspiration and a very settled feeling inside.

Poetry is the epitome of writing.

Every day stories are woven with emotions, spilled into multiple verses of beauty and conflict. A poet is a conundrum of mystery, revelry and triumph. Masks are taken off. The soul is portrayed in its depth, and sometimes in jest. The heart and mind of a poet can be both tortured and precious. Two sides of the same coin are upheld within a poet’s being. With all these facets of writing taken under a poets’ wing, it is no wonder that this final collection shows the kindled woman with the most precious sense of knowing.

They have memories embedded in their skin.

Poetry as a Spiritual Practice: Illuminating the Awakened Woman touches on the very thing that our new age-old soul woman has been dying to tell. It is here. It is now.

This book is an eloquent experience that in compilation, transcends love and awareness, and that is exactly what an exquisitely written poetry book is supposed to do. High praises for Catherine Ghosh and her assembling of these women and their words.

This body of work is a treasured collection not to be missed.


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Editor: Dana Gornall