Woman sunset ocean

By Ulli Stanway

The ocean and I are having a love affair

Of unknown consequence

I immerse my tired bones in its wild waves

To let wash away what needs to leave

Hidden residuals of broken dreams

Are being taken from me

Painful traces are gently washed off my open flesh

I will set my sail through this eternal storm

I choose to leave these lands

Of make belief and untruth

To be washed ashore on new lands

Where I will reign with my feather

In a kingdom of a thousand words

Surrounded by like minded spirits

We shall dance to our written worlds

And their rhythms

Around the fire of our mighty souls

Through starless nights

And Days amongst the three suns

I wish to destroy this invisible umbilical cord

That keeps me deeply anchored in the soil

Of pain and silence

The burden of self-doubt shall be slayed

By each letter dripping of my feathered quill like blood

I shall stain every inch of paper with this force of life

Until the last drop

I vow to never spill a single drop

Ever again

Until the day death takes my final breath

To carry me home

My soul is emerging from the depth of the ocean

With each passing wave

Pushing and pulling

Forcing my shell to crack

To embrace the light of me

My kingdom awaits my return

My story is to be discovered

No longer will I starve my soul’s wish to its early death

I am being washed ashore

All of me

I welcome you light

Take me with all there is

To be

Ulli StanwayUlli Stanway is a 42-year-old rebellious soul. She believes in becoming your authentic self by lifting those heavy curtains on your own stage of life. Ulli recently took off her glass slippers to run down a jetty barefoot. She said no to a corporate seafood buffet to be true to herself. Her mantra is RIP Pinocchio, your strings have served you well but now it is time to be cut loose and skip down your own path. No more strings attached. Check out her website, find her on Facebook, connect with her personally or join her writer’s group.

Photo: Luis Alejandro Bernal Romeo/Flickr

Editor:  Sherrin Fitzer