By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan

New year

fresh as fallen snow

Layered atop—previous year’s

waters seeped into the ground beneath

The sky above

Expansive and deepened

Horizon to center to vanishing point

Land of living skies

And ground of deepened snow

Step lightly, gentle strength, rising up

Pressing down

No fallen snowflake ever the same.

The poem before the page.




Elizabeth Eilers SullivanElizabeth Eilers Sullivan, MA, MFA, is a writer, SourcePoint Therapy practitioner and SomaYoga teacher. With four young boys, adventure and learning to live well while supporting others in health is a joy. Yoga, writing and wellness take her into schools, across states and out into nature, where she feels at home and blissfully grateful for this wild and wonderful life. Read more from Elizabeth at Writing from the Nest.



Photo: /Flickr

Editor: Marcee Murray King