Engaged Buddhism: Why is it important today? What even is engaged Buddhism?

We had the opportunity to talk with Brad Wiscons and discuss this and many more issues that revolve around racism today and how Buddhists can be more involved in encouraging diversity and understanding.

Brad has worked in physical and mental health for most of his professional career, with an emphasis on promoting safe, healthy, and engaged youth.  He has worked in a diverse set of settings including community organizing, domestic violence and child abuse prevention and treatment, hospital-based health education, and inpatient treatment of youth.

Brad is the father of three brilliant children and the husband of 30 years to his dear wife, Brenda. He was ordained as a Buddhist Minister in the Order of Interbeing by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 2011 with the lineage name of True Ocean of Actions.  Brad is a founding Sangha steward of the Palomitas de Paz Sangha in Vista, California.

Currently, Brad is continuing his Buddhist practice and study, inspired by the work of Resmaa Manakem, MSW, LCSW author of My Grandmother’s Hands.  Brad is focusing on helping white people do the work we need to do to become more loving and compassionate to all beings and become effective anti-racist. He is currently authoring a book about white racial trauma and is forming a new Sangha called the Polar Bear Sangha dedicated to white people seeking support to do their Buddhist work concerning anti-oppression and anti-racism. Brad can be reached at bjwiscons@gmail.com.