By Sonia Shrestha

As I lay in my bed tonight, a strange yet ecstatic experience overtakes my mind.

I start thinking of waterfalls, exotic birds, wet grounds, tree, insects, animals and the Amazon. Out of nowhere, my mind decided to transport me to those areas—to the place I have never been in my entire life but only read about in books.

My fascination with Amazon and the forest life began 9 years ago, in seventh grade when I read Eva Ibbotson’s Journey beyond the River Sea. That book holds a special place in my heart until this date.

Rainforests have always fascinated me.

The wet weather, the sounds, the greenery and the water makes me feel at peace. Tonight, I am craving such moments; how I would love to get out of this city life, even if for a few days and experience the life I have always wanted.

Tonight, suddenly my mind sends me glimpses of pictures I had seen and makes me feel ecstatic—a pleasure my physical body cannot experience. As I sit on my bed, scribbling down these thoughts, my mind is slowly escaping and imagining a life I cannot get.

Here I am, frantically typing lest the memories leave me, writing the things my mind is making me experience.

I can imagine exotic birds flying around—vibrant and colourful. I can imagine the trees, wet with drops adorning them like jewels. I can feel the serenity spreading over me, making me smile. Walking the jungle barefoot, embracing the love I receive from the ground—wet and peaceful.

True, none of these things that is happening is real—I am sitting in my room only imagining the closeness to nature and yet, I feel belongingness. Mother Nature is intimidating me, bringing me peace in an unexpected yet required way.

Being present in an area physically and mentally are two different things. I might live anywhere physically, but home is where the heart is—where the mind is. I am not writing this sitting near the trees (though I would love to) but for now, I am content at just thinking about it.

The tranquillity provided to me this night by some unknown force is gently wiping away the traces of irritation and anger.

The city, with concrete walls, pollution, crowd and restlessness seem strange. I lack the link and feelings with it, thinking about the everyday, mundane routine takes away a part of my joy but tonight, I will not let it triumph.

One day, I want to wake up to the sound of raindrops falling down in a rhythmic pattern.

I want to see a sky—with clouds and sunshine; I want to listen to the lazy movement of water, making its way to the unknown—slowly, calmly and gently. I want to spend the evenings with books and birds, rain and family.

I want to make love to nature, not hurriedly but slowly—enjoying every part, loving every scar, prodding deeper and deeper.

And with such thoughts I try to sleep, fully aware that with the crack of dawn, these feelings will fade away forcing me to get back to normal routine, in the midst of the concrete jungle.

However, for now, let the birds sing me to sleep and let me derive pleasure from Mother Nature.


Sonia ShresthaSonia Shrestha is a literature student who is on a journey to know herself, passionate about reading and writing. A quote-aholic (totally addicted to quotes), she loves to find her own meanings in words and loves deep and meaningful conversations. A good book and comfortable surrounding is all she needs.


Photo: rosiekernohan/lurvely

Editor: Dana Gornall