By Lisa Meade

Everything contains its own unique energy—even our perspective.

Sit with that for a moment and think on this: if perspective is energy, what do we want to give energy to? If we invest our time, attention and energy into something we are a proponent of, as opposed to something we are against, imagine the results we could manifest!

Being against something—or someone—can generate an energy that is infused with a negative essence. Our perspective will be impacted by this as we move through our day; but if we can shift the way we are viewing the situation, the relationship or circumstances to a positive perspective, well, that is when the energy is affected and transformation begins.

In the shamanic realm, energies can be generated quickly and spread with tremendous potency. Our actions and words will have a far more healthy impact if we stay aware that there is energy rippling out and spreading from our thoughts, rather than placing our focus on something we are not in alignment with.

Perspective is a tremendous tool we have to challenge the story of our life.

Where we focus our attention; what we choose to tell over and over as our story, creates a tremendous power cord. If we are focused on all that is wrong, we will find that negative energy surrounds us—but, if we can train ourselves to find something to be grateful for, or to find a new way to absorb what is happening in each moment, we are able to plug into grace, beauty, happiness and positivity a bit more easily.

This practice is not to be confused with the idea of going through life wearing rose-colored glasses; instead, making choices that are grounded in the intention of well-being, support, healing and growth. The stronger these energies become in our lives, the more they crowd out and take over the room for the negative aspect of life. Positive energies grow quickly and spread rapidly.

It takes awareness and an ability to be in the moment; it takes conscious thought and attention. But the more it is practiced, the readier my mind, body and soul are to enter into that space.

Not being in alignment that way feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar now, where living my life seeking the power of positive perspective and keeping my energies focused feels rich and vibrant. It is an easy choice to make.


Photo: (MartinaK, Flickr)

Editor: Bronwyn Petry



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