By Saraswati J

By now, you’ve probably heard that sidereal Jupiter is shifting into Leo for a year, bringing a surge of power and possibility that can be felt even as this transit begins.

“Jupiter provides expansion, growth, wisdom, knowledge and is considered the most benefic planet of the nine because he mostly gives positive results. Sometimes his results may not seem positive at the outset, but often he provides a silver lining or some protection ultimately in the long run. I like to think of Jupiter as a provider- the planet who offers us support and some sense of ultimate comfort because he gives us awareness and expanded thought. Awareness and personal expansion are powerful tools if used properly. His satva (purity) is a sustaining force that brings happiness, grace and peace with him.”

The effects of this transit will be felt specifically with all things related to Jupiter, the 5th house and Leo, as well as Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun.

Themes connected to father, the masculine, ego and personal power, will be strong influences effecting us in this cycle. How these details of your personal chart express themselves, will determine the effects you feel during this cycle. Other prevalent themes surface with regard to relationships, passion and power dynamics.

Will You Roar?

To determine the personal effects of this transit, first find Leo in your natal chart. What house does Leo occupy in your chart? Jupiter will be enlivening this area of your life and the themes of this specific house.

Remember that Jupiter is expansive and increases wherever he sits or gives his gaze. Expansion is usually considered positive, however, the process can be very uncomfortable at times. As Jupiter opens doors, other doors will naturally close.

What areas of your life will be expanding and what parts of your life will you be pruning or releasing as a result?

To determine if Jupiter is a positive influence on your chart, notice where this spiritual planet sits in your natal chart and if any challenging planets give their drishti (gaze) to him. The house and the house lord, as well as any other influences upon him from the other planets, will determine how he is able to express himself in your chart. If he feels compromised in any way, this will effect how well he is able to share is expansive, benefic qualities.

Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun, is also a vital piece for assessing this transit, as the solar qualities of this sign will determine a lot about our experiences of self, ego, father, masculine and soul matters.

If the Sun is a challenging planet for you, the effects Jupiter amplifies may be extra difficult as a result. If the Sun is able to express itself more positively in your chart, Jupiter will naturally support expansion in these areas in a more life affirming way.

Sun, Leo and the 5th house all connect us to the father and masculine energy in general. In many regards, Jupiter can also be an indication of the father, or the extension of the “father” because he represents our teachers, guides and those who provide support.

This cycle will certainly influence our personal mythology with father and authority figures, as well as our relationship with these parts of our life story. Jupiter will bring learning, growth and new wisdom as well as personal development in the realm of father and all things father figure, authority, teachers and power issues. What parts of your relationship with your father and power need attention, healing or extra support?

Now is the time to put some focus on this part of your inner and outer life.

The body part connected to the fifth house is the upper gut- a place of intuitive insight and the seat of our inner power. Deepening our relationship with this part of the body will be helpful to increase healing intentions connected to power, ego, trust and sense of self. We need a healthy relationship with our ego in order to thrive. Gut wisdom can help us find this truth within, while also deepening balance and harmony with inner and outer dynamics. Pay special attention to your digestion, agni, inner fire and intuition during this cycle as there will be ample guidance available.

Relationships, Ego and Power

As the Jupiter cycle kicks off, he will be passing through the first pada (part) of Leo which is influenced by Magha nakshatra. This lunar constellation is actually ruled by the deity Pitr, who has intimately involved with the ancestors, lineage matters— especially the father’s side.

Jupiter moving through Magha will amplify the effects of father and sudden changes within our masculine dynamics- both inner and outer. The ruling planet of Magha is Ketu, who is notorious for bringing sudden change, quick awareness and shifts in perception.

Spirit and spiritual tendencies are increased with Ketu and his influences. The Magha nakshatra part of the Jupiter transit lasts until September 14th, so for the first three months expect inner and outer shifts with regard to father, lineage and the masculine on a very intimate level. This may also surface in more spiritual ways. Look for insights and connections to your ancestors as well.

The changes that occur during the first part of the Jupiter in Leo cycle will impact how we move forward within our relationships during the rest of the cycle. As Jupiter shifts into the first half of the Phalguni constellation, Purvaphalguni, sparks of shakti increase and expand us. This nakshatra is notorious for increasing romance, sensuality and sexuality.

We may know this energy as the inspiring and addictive feeling that creates passion in the early stages of a romantic relationship. It is a highly creative star, one that brings increased life force energy with it. The Phalguni stars are like the potency of spring- flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and there’s a tangible increase of life force energy available and flowing.

As Jupiter brings his expansive qualities to the Purvaphalguni lunar constellation, we will get many opportunities to work with relationship dynamics and our masculine energy.

How does our relationship with our own power, effect our ability to relate, create and co-create?

Do we take powerful steps forward or negate our potency? Do we jump in with passion or wait cautiously? Do we jump into relationships without pause, or listen carefully to our needs with self and others? The effects of this process will be supported by ruling deity Bhaga, who is responsible for offering fertility and relationships as well as increased sexual energy.

Its ruling planet, Venus, does the same. Consciously working with themes connected to art, creativity, women, vitality and relationships, will provide maximum growth and learning.

The effects of Bhaga and Purvaphalguni last until November 28th, when Jupiter shifts into the latter half of the Phalguni constellation, Uttaraphalguni. The effects of this nakshatra and its ruling deity, Aryaman, have more to do with the sustaining factors of relationships and the pieces necessary to make connections last and solidify. He is less concerned with passion and more pleased by family ties, maintaining the flow of love, and solidifying relationships through marriage contracts.

The planetary ruler of this nakshatra is the Sun, which will certainly amplify any issues we may have with our masculine/father self, especially within relationships. We may feel the passion wearing off, the fertile and expansive joys dwindling, and a need for more clarity with our needs and wants at this time. A new commitment to growth and inner work may increase or we may feel a need to differentiate between our self and others more strongly. Some may feel a stronger pull to solidify relationship contracts, while others will feel the need to break them.

As Jupiter retrogrades on January 7th, he begins to retrace his steps back through Uttaraphalguni and then into Purvaphalguni until he goes direct on May 9th, 2016. Retrograde planets intensify the effects of a transit as the backward motion is an expression of the shadow nodes, Rahu and Ketu.

The first half of the Jupiter in Leo cycle will provide us with a taste of what’s to come in the second half. After January 7th, we will receive more opportunities to look at our personal mythology connected to power, relationships, masculine and ego more closely. Track the insights that come from July to January closely as these will likely be areas of your life that will intensify and increase in the second half of the Jupiter transit.

To increase the intensity during Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, Rahu will join Jupiter in Leo on January 29th, kicking up cravings, desires, confusion and uncertainty. He also brings worldly increases with him, however, Jupiter is spiritually oriented. Their energetics bring conflict which can bring a heightened confusion with it.

Additionally, Saturn will be giving his gaze to Leo during this Jupiter transit which will request diligence, consistency and commitment. He insures hard work and struggles, but we must trust he has our best interest in mind in the long run.

This Jupiter cycle is one of increase and expansion, one that will ultimately help us deepen our truth and a commitment to our own strength and power. How we get to this awareness of inner strength will vary, but the effects will undoubtedly be transformational.


Saraswati JSaraswati J is a Jyotish Coach and Consultant, bridging ancient Jyotish wisdom with Embodiment and Expressive Art Therapy resources. Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers—and those who need insights for their dharmic path and personal transformation process. Check out her website and find her on Facebook. You can join her newsletter for special astrological insights or register for her weekly Jyotish Basics classes for an extra dose of healing wisdom. Additionally, she creates unique adornments with the urban goddess in mind. Check out her jewelry at Swati Jr* Jewelry and also on Facebook.

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Editor: Dana Gornall