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By Angela Reed

For quite some time now (possibly four years or more) I have been dreaming of a spiritual community.

My perfect community would be very different than what we currently experience. It’s understandable as we have been coming out of a time in which power over others has been favored and negative versions of ego have ruled.

However, the good news is we are done with all of that! We can see many signs of this around us and around the world. Of course we can see things that show many are still suffering, but the time has come for us to proclaim the reality of oneness.

We are done with the dark times as we stand firm in our values and not buy into fear.

My perfect community would be all-inclusive; people would give and share just for the joy of giving. Children would be respected and honored as the teachers they are. There would be very little need for laws or rule enforcers, because one connected to their higher self could never harm another as they would know to do so would hurt themselves.

We all know how interconnected we are, and we need to act in accordance with that awareness, always. People would flow with life and allow intuition to guide them in balance with logical routines, routines that help the physical body function as well as allow the heart to express and be creative.

My community would take care of the Earth and honor the sacredness of life. It would find joy in simple things in life and allow for the expansion and growth in consciousness which uses technological advancement for the betterment of everyone! I could keep going, but are you getting the picture?

In reality my spiritual community already exists. As I have worked to be and stay in alignment with my values and hold the vision I have begun to experience it in some ways.

I experience it when I have families over for kids meditation night. I experience it when I am out in my garden connecting with our Mother. I experience it when I’m working at Hyvee seeing so many faces of my human family.

Yet I know there is still more to come! The adventure for me is real and I would love to share more with you all. This weekend I will make a short journey out to Lawerence, Kansas to meet a couple friends, connect and learn about farming along with other things I’m sure.

I am just dreaming and waking, dreaming and waking. Would you dream with me?

Wake up with me?


Angela ReedAngela Reed is a massage therapist, energy healing practitioner and full time mom. Angela began her healing journey many years ago (around 2002). Throughout the journey she has learned and used many tools such as inner child healing, writing, counseling, meditation and many others to help heal her past. Having come from a challenging, traumatic childhood had made it difficult to be the person she knew in her heart was possible. Searching for those tools has brought much joy and of course there have been many tears and frustrations as well. Awakening again and again to this moment is the simple mantra of her life. Writing was first a healing modality and now has become a passion. Without passion and love where would we be?