By Ruth Lera

Today it is time

To keep my eyes open

And my heart


Even though I know (and if I am honest with you dread) that it will all spill forth


But still today I will keep my eyes open

Letting the puniness of the personal

Fade away as the sun does before we are ready to let the party end

Because there is a largeness

In our midst

Caught in our throats

Trapped beneath our feet

And it is screaming to be healed

I hear it all the time


So, today my eyes will be open

Even though this means the pain of irritation will flow through me

Getting hung up on the villi of my consciousness

Begging to be extradited

Through a type of pulling away

I have perfected


But still today my eyes will stay open

Even if that means jamming toothpicks between my lids

Because my eyes will be open

Not like a fawn on the run from the wolf

Looking each way and every way for escape

Sure none exists

But like the bull moose wading through the juicy pond, its bell sagging in the algae water, pulling up weed after weed, antlers bold without effort, the moment asking nothing of him

Today my eyes couldn’t close even if I asked them kindly to, even if I begged them with all my might to give me refuge from the drone of reality

Open eyed I will be

At least for today


ruthleraRuth Lera is the friend you turn to when your world has gone all topsy-turvy. Not because she tells you it’s all going to be alright but because she reassures you that not being alright is just part of the whole process of being human. And she might even give you some ideas about how to feel better, too. Find her at her website, her Facebook page or Twitter.



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Editor: Sherrin Fitzer



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