acrylic blue wavew
By Nazli Jafri
An ocean of blood courses through our veins
Passion and joy abound, traveling through time
A brilliant light suffuses all that it beholds
A vital energy, a binding twine
Hearts swell, beings enveloped
Waves of love wash over our souls
Darkness abates, radiance resides
The colors of life sweep in with the wind
Collecting shattered pieces of soul
One by one, painting them whole
nazli Nazli Jafri is a spiritual warrior, a rebel, a wordsmith and a dreamer at heart. She tries to live a life of authenticity and compassion. She is a Health and Fitness Specialist by profession and loves making a difference in people’s lives.  Her creative side finds expression in writing, painting and cooking and she draws inspiration from nature—sunsets and the ocean are her true loves.  Her passions are animals, children and helping others. She lives in Frisco, Texas. You can connect with her on Facebook.
Photo:  Mark Chadwick/Flickr
Editor:  Sherrin Fitzer



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