By Saraswati J

The waning cycle begins as Mars newly steps into Taurus, joining Mercury there as well.

Saturn gives his drishti (gaze) to both planets, as does Rahu. This cycle of Mars demands that we pay attention to our words and actions. Intention is everything, while action gets the job done.

Avoid the tussle between thinking and doing, as well as the paralyzing details that can keep us from being bold in our doing. Where are you spinning your wheels and not moving? Where do you need greater support and stability? What are you not saying that needs to be said? Work on getting your needs met by being clear—first with yourself, then with others.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Sun continues its most powerful transit of the year, moving through Aries, its sign of exaltation, until May 15th. Use this time to take bold action steps. Be focused, clear and get what you want. Forcing but not getting results? It’s time to do something different! What needs to shift in order for you to get what you really need? Ask for support and solutions along the way.

As Moon continues to wane, our energy and gaze turns inward. Questions concerning power, action, connection, communication and creativity become important pieces for our self-inquiry process.

What is working well and what still needs to shift? Make the necessary adjustments for your vitality and be willing to try something new if you aren’t getting the results you need. Practice asking for what you need before it becomes a crisis.

New Moon is Sunday, May 17th at 23:13 Central time, while in Taurus.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic (sidereal) rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your Western sign (Tropical) as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: You’re on fire right now! Exalted Sun in Aries is sitting in your head still. Work/life balance is all the more relevant and important right now. Communication and speaking powerfully and clearly will benefit you and your work. Be conscious and diligent with your words to avoid over promising and under delivering.

Practice your words before speaking as well as the tone of what you are saying. Look in the mirror and notice your facial expressions- the unspoken messenger. What is the intention you are trying to communicate? Angry or frustrated? Count to ten. Then take a new course of action so the same problems don’t repeat themselves.

Taurus: Your task is to balance the thinking mind with taking effective action steps. You are still benefiting from relaxation, meditation and rest- don’t neglect this! With Sun still exalted in your twelfth house, you are in a cycle of building inner resiliency which will prepare you for a much more expansive cycle ahead.

Any confusion with thinking and doing, speaking and acting, is a test to your resolve. Let your body wisdom lead the way- especially your pelvis. Let its support and stability be a resource for you. A reminder to tap into what you need and want for deep nourishment. What does your pelvis have to tell you? Let it speak to you. Right now, speak up and speak out creatively.

Gemini: You are teeming with creative life force energy right now! Pull from your depths and let in the abundance of ideas, possibilities and potential. Take time for meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation as this increases your creative abundance.

Your biggest issue is choosing the most important and nourishing ideas to act upon without dwindling your power and vitality. You must learn to effectively channel your creative life force energy diligently, thus making your actions more potent. Do less and accomplish more. Do so by asking for support and communicating your needs effectively. Don’t short change yourself.

Cancer: Finally feeling the effects of full steam ahead? Notice what is feeling balanced and what is not within your inner and outer life. Effective communication is key right now so you don’t say yes when you really mean no. It’s vital you find time for relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

Spend extra time in bed, meditate and take time for your creative pursuits. This is time well spent! These moments of pause and creativity are where you do some of your most important emotional body processing. Don’t neglect this need. Don’t hold it in, keep your inner tides moving.

Leo: Work and dharma continue to gain momentum. What are the most important ideas that you can put into effective action? Choose wisely and powerfully in order to stay out of the overwhelm. Your creativity and relationships support an assist your career gains.

Meet and greet. Rise and shine. Open and share. Tend to your heart wisdom all the while. Let somatic awareness and physical body sensations be your guiding light. The body has much to share with you about your past. Let it help you heal the wounds and open the energetic blockages.

Virgo: You are fully visible but feeling like you’re in hiding still. What are you reluctant to reveal- to yourself and others? Your diligent self inquiry will serve you well, so keep taking therapeutic action steps while shining the light on your past.

How can you do things differently this time? How can you ask for support in new ways, more sustainable ways? What team of support are you allowing into your life? Let your creativity out of the bag and use it to get you and your career some forward momentum. Let your intentional actions steps help you. Trust that your footsteps will pay off in the coming cycles and your efforts are worth it.

Libra: Relationships are heated right now as exalted Sun continues to move through your seventh house. Sharing from your depths is warranted, but caution is advised.

Be aware of your vulnerabilities at this time and what the motivation is behind your words and actions. Are you letting past wounds blindly compel you, or are you conscious of how the past is informing your decisions? How are your actions and words serving you and your relationships? Do you have ulterior motives? Creativity, artistry and relationships are your guru right now. Think and do outside the box.

Scorpio: Re-tracing your steps is helping remind you to watch where you’re going. You are truly learning to balance your inner and outer realms, your sacred inner life, with your magnanimous outer expressions. This dance of balance takes time and diligence as well as vulnerability and willingness. You are doing it!

Relationships become an important part of your recalibration process. Remember that just because you can often perceive what others are feeling, doesn’t mean that others can do that for you. Speak up and say what you need! Most importantly, ask yourself what you really need for deeper support and nourishment. It starts within. Be vigilant with your emotional body awareness right now.

Sagittarius: It’s nice to be needed and feels good to be wanted. Where does this desire to be in a support role truly come from? Does it impede on your deeper needs and wants? Just because something comes easily to us, doesn’t mean that we should let it happen. Are you saying yes on auto-pilot?

This old pattern should be causing you to introspect. Where are you saying yes, when you should be saying no? What roles are serving you and honoring your needs and which ones are not? What adjustments and changes in your relationships need to happen in order for you to be more nourished inside and out?

Capricorn: Relationships continue to prove illuminating. Some are extra nourishing, while others are providing you with new insights and awareness, helping you grow and awaken. Take time for your creativity and let it stoke your inner fires. Let your artistry be a source of rejuvenation.

Mind your gut wisdom- it’s intelligence has a lot of creative wisdom for you. Are you listening? Watch out! It’s very tempting to fall off the wagon right now and over-indulge in sweets and intoxicants. It’s the mind that craves. What does it really want?

Aquarius: Your career continues to gain momentum with your consistent and persistent action steps. Though you are walking some familiar ground, these old steps and familiar territory are serving you with some important reminders. Don’t overlook the wisdom in the details, yet don’t get lost in them either.

Most importantly, follow the passion stirring within you and let your creativity guide your actions. If it seems others are not on board with you, it’s your job to effectively communicate your needs. Get clear on what you truly desire first, then put it into action. Gain momentum by enrolling others through your enthusiasm.

Pisces: Your creative heart song is coming forth. Are you singing along? Let your light shine and express your passion and power to the world. Unleash your creative life force energy and remind yourself that life is for creating and connecting. In fact, it’s the only reason we are alive at all!

Creativity is what helps us thrive and also create a life worth living. Find ways to share your creative spirit, your passion and your dharma right now. This is a powerful time to gain momentum and start saying yes to the clarity and support you are receiving. Go for it!

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