tree nymph  


By Melissa Dodson

Deep roots weave their way
through rich delicious soil, like
earthen vessels of life

Underground the remnant trickles of
hidden streams, ancient waters still alive
with the faint beat beat beat of long ago drums

Top soil and ground cover abounding
with organic nutrients, dynamic, alive
sustenance for growth

Shrubs and saplings ripe and green
with new beginnings of flowering buds
play hide and seek around the thick trunks of ancient trees

Branches reach across the sky and
grasp onto each other in desperation
stretching high atop the canopy

Leaves outstretched, belly up
Basking in glimpses of sun rays
peeking through the misty haze

Lush green moss hangs down
in unkempt tangles
dripping tears of dew

History and future meet
intertwined like the sweaty legs of lovers
gasping for air…for life…for more

Melissa DodsonMelissa Dodson is a California girl who found a home in the trees of Portland, OR. She’s a stay-at-home wife and mom, and an aspiring writer/blogger who writes about being a motherless daughter, grief, depression, vulnerability and the beauty of a messy life. You can follow her blog at You can also find her on twitter @breathewriteliv and on Instagram @breatheinbreatheoutlive.



Photo: Silverwitch/tumblr

Editor:  Sherrin Fitzer