body image


By Celeste Shea

This is my body.
A holy temple.
My travelling sanctuary.
I honor my body daily –
with healthy foods,
mindful breathing,
daily showers for cleanliness,
and nightly baths for relaxation.
I recognize the importance of this vessel,
and expect you to as well.
Treat this body with respect.
As you would want your mothers,
and daughters
to be treated.
Ask permission to touch this body.
Understand that contact is a privilege,
not a right.
Be gentle.
I will let you know if I want more intensity.
I adorn this magnificent shell of my soul –
with garments,
beautiful scents,
or with nothing at all.
You may admire my body,
with reverence.
My body is a star in the Universe,
nothing short of amazing.
This is my body
and it deserves to be loved.

Celeste SheaCeleste Shea is a connector of dots and people—a deep thinker with a light heart. She loves writing, yoga, food, wine, hiking and travel. She is passionate about mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing and believes that everyone should live for the moments and in the moment, because life is short. Follow her celestial thoughts on Instagram at cns7777.

Photo: weheartit

Editor: Dana Gornall