By Ruth Lera

Our task as humans is to balance our individuality with our interconnection.

Most of the time life can feel piled miles high on our shoulders.

All the pressures, all the ways to be and all the things to do.

All the things we want from ourselves.

Or worse, all the things other people want from us.

We can feel so alone, like we are the only ones who can figure out our lives. This can make us feel this sense of impossibility, that somehow our own pathetic consciousness is supposed to know what it is we are supposed to do with them.

This sense of impossibility is the bad news.

But don’t worry I’m not going to leave you hanging—there is good news, too.

The good news is we aren’t alone.

Of course, we have our own consciousness and our own personal energetic systems that we are responsible for, but we are also connected to a massive web of energetic life forces much bigger, broader and more powerful then we could ever imagine.

And we can lean into them if we choose.

We can lie down on the couch of life energy and relax into its ability to cradle and carry us through our days.

Our channel of support is so large we can make a choice to move our energy right down to the center of the earth and all the way up to the cosmos.

And yes: this sounds like crazy talk; it sounds very theoretical, hippie-dippie spewing.

But I don’t see it that way at all.

For me working with this larger inter-connected energy is the most practical thing in the universe:

Need some healing? Pull energy from the top of the world.

Have some sadness that is no longer needed? Send it down to the center of the earth.

We don’t need to face anything alone. There is a whole big world out there to support us—we just need to learn how to access it and we need to remember to do it frequently.

As humans we were given imagination for a reason: we can use our imagination to access forces that are made up of more kindness and love then we can often muster ourselves.

In the end it is all individual choice.We are one person on the planet navigating our way through this temporary life, and we are doing it alone.

Or are we?

Because in the realm of infinite choice here is what I’m suggesting.

Go big.

Reach up, way up, and pull all the love and hope and support that is out there in the cosmos, into your system.

Do it now. Go deep. Reach into the center of the earth and let all the nourishment and goodness that is in the ground get digested through your cells. Do this now and all through your days.

It is all there waiting for you.

You just need to make a choice and lean into it.


ruthleraRuth Lera is the friend you turn to when your world has gone all topsy-turvy. Not because she tells you it’s all going to be alright but because she reassures you that not being alright is just part of the whole process of being human. And she might even give you some ideas about how to feel better, too. Find her at her website, her Facebook page or Twitter.


(Photo: Sierra Goddess)

Editor: Bronwyn Petry





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