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By Lisa Meade

Have you forgotten how to dream?

How to call in the images that delight your soul, how to dance with the ones who add joy to each step? Have you forgotten the faces of those who love you to your core? Have you forgotten their whispers that they spoke in your ear as you were born of your greatness and vibrancy that you bring to this earth?

Have you hidden in your shadows, afraid of your brightness and unsure of your purpose? Have you stepped aside from your passions and found yourself lost in the trappings of the demands of others?

How do we find ourselves? How do we reconnect? How do we dance again? How do we burn brighter than the stars and find our power within?

No one said it is easy.

No one has the answers. They are all within you, waiting for you to uncover them; to peel back the shadowy veils in which they are hidden. They are in the eyes of those who love you and in the embraces of those who care. Their power to carry you forward is in the prayers and energies—the vibrations and simple moments—that catch you by surprise.

Finding our way, finding our truth, recognizing our stories and putting action into its unfolding is available to us. One small step at a time; in one simple moment of self trust. Each time we do this we move closer and closer to all that await us.

The more you welcome into your life those who believe in you, those who really see you, those that are honored to witness you…the more support and celebration you welcome as well. This helps put speed and steadfast focus at your heals as you move forward.

Ask yourself, “What have I forgotten?” Listen closely to what your soul replies. Sit with it, feel it, embrace it and then ask the next question that bubbles up. Put action into your answers.

Should we seek support? Remember patience and gentleness. Encourage faith and wise risk taking. Bravely move from where you are now to where you can be next. Honor each effort and love yourself through each challenge.

Be true to you and begin again to remember.


Photo: Bansky/source

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