Author: Holly Herring

Siddhartha, Holly, and The Little Prince

This was a long journey. A hard journey. A dangerous journey. An illegal journey. A necessary journey.

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Doing God’s Work

When I began attending Kindergarten, I had to leave my dog at home. I wasn’t crazy about this idea and I wailed about it loudly to my mother, who assured me that one day I’d have a job and I wouldn’t be able to take her there either. Immediately I crossed “get a job” off my to-do list.

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Recovery is my Religion

Every greeting card, for me, is an opportunity to send a message.

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Bathing Babies for World Peace

She explained to me that when the Buddha was born, he shot out of his mom’s side.She used her hands to demonstrate something that resembled a grenade launch from her rib cage. Then she told me that the baby came out walking and talking.

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There is Recovery in the Dish Pit

It was as if I entered the pit each night as a dish gladiator and the goal was to conquer the hot, soapy hell I worked in. 

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