Author: Johnathon Lee

Metta-Morphosis: Loving-Kindness & Freedom

We can’t be free and want to be free at the same time. For us to truly be free, we even have to accept our binds, free to be bound and unbound. 

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Ordinary Life Puts Metta to the Test

Ordinary life puts Metta to the test, and it’s the most useful place to use it.

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Bending Minds and Dogmatic Slumbers: Psychedelic Buddhism

In short, Yogacaras believed that everything is nothing but consciousness. It’s all happening in our heads (including the experience of having a head).

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Political Animals: Should Buddhists Be Openly Political?

So, when I see Buddhist communities that shun politics and political action among its members, I can’t help but say, “That’s wrong.”

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Why Is Buddhism So Messy?

There is no original teaching, no superior or inferior schools, and no historical Buddha to be found. There are books, and there are the methods and traditions that we’ve derived from them. 

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