And let’s imagine, dream, and pretend… 2020 was the best year ever. And let’s imagine, dream, and pretend…we never want this year to end.


By Louis De Lauro


Let’s dream…

2020 started off well.

Let’s imagine…
there were no fires in Australia.

Let’s pretend…
Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and others survived a helicopter crash without a scratch.

Let’s dream…
that a terrible virus hit Wuhan, China but never made its way out of the city limits. Very few people got sick and died. And Americans learned about the importance of lockdowns and masks and began to prepare for future pandemics.

Let’s imagine …
Donald Trump was never impeached because he maintained presidential norms and he never encouraged Ukraine to find dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden, and his son.

Let’s pretend…
Donald Trump decided to change his ways and made an effort to unite the country. His kind words made him popular with people from both parties. Even those who disagreed with his conservative policies were pleased with his competency, decency, and empathy.

Let’s dream…
George Floyd never died. But a video of him being hurt by a police officer led to peaceful marches supported by all. And all Americans agreed we needed to end systematic racism and protect Black lives.

Let’s imagine…
Trump and Biden debated on television and both men were respectful and kind to each other but hammered each other on the issues.

Let’s pretend…
Biden beat Trump in a close election. And Trump waited for the final results and then called Biden on the phone to concede and wish him well. And Biden thanked Trump for his service to our nation.

Let’s dream…
A vaccine was created to protect people from COVID-19 but was not needed in the United States. The vaccine was used to protect people in countries affected by the virus. Scientists informed us that Americans would be safe if the virus ever reached our shores.

Let’s imagine, dream, and pretend…
we spent the year hugging our elderly parents
spending the holidays with our extended families.

And eating and socializing at restaurants with loved ones.

reading and snacking at crowded coffeehouses alone, but not quite alone.

drinking and laughing at bars with colleagues and friends.

watching concerts and movies with our kids.

cheering our kids on at school and sporting events too.

And let’s imagine, dream, and pretend…
we were so busy this year and that we longed for quiet time alone at home. Because we desperately needed a break from our hectic weekdays and crazy weekends.

And let’s imagine, dream, and pretend…
2020 was the best year ever.
And let’s imagine, dream, and pretend…
we never want this year to end.

And now…

let’s come back to reality.
I know it’s painful to accept our reality.

I know how terrible you feel right now.
Because I feel terrible too.
And let’s take a few moments to cry.
Because it’s okay to cry.
And tears are necessary.
And tears are good.

And let’s agree…

2020 doesn’t need to end well; it just needs to end.

Photo: Pixabay

Editor: Dana Gornall

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