By Melody Lima


It was during my first teacher training when I was first introduced to the science of Ayurveda.

It all made sense to me; living your life based on your dosha, or biological energy found throughout the body and mind, providing every an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment, the elements and what we harvest from the Mother Earth.

For me, it was simple, easy and surprisingly, brought me right back to my roots to a small town called Mattapoisett—a village settled on Buzzard’s Bay in southeast Massachusetts, just a quick ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. Native American soil right in the shadow of the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock, there was an abundance of cranberries from the endless bogs on nearly every block and lobster pots lined many water front wharfs.

As a kid, I lived with my feet in the ocean, the earth, the gardens and woods. My hair smelled of salt water and the sun kissed my skin. I wondered, “Was I practicing a yogic lifestyle way back then?” The Native Americans, who once lived on the soil of Mattapoisett, definitely sustained themselves and their tribe, off the abundance of the land and sea.

There is even a Wampanoag Chief on the town seal.


To define a lifestyle with a yogic perspective, sustained by the fruits of nature, is deeply rooted in where I come from and who I am. This is a full-circle connection for me filled with knowing, pause, peace and thanks. In celebration and gratitude, I share with you some blessings and prayers, from those who guided us when we first arrived in Plymouth and continue to guide us along our paths.

Cherokee Prayer

Ga lu lo hi gi ni du da
Sky our grandfather

Nu da wa gi ni li si
Moon our grandmother

E lo hi gi ne tse
Earth our Mother

Ga li e li ga
I am thankful

Si gi ni gé yu
We love each other

O sa li he li ga
We are grateful

My Iyengar teacher always recites this blessing at the end of yoga class:


When our challenges are overwhelming, this prayer fits:

Looking Behind,

I am filled with gratitude,

looking forward,

I am filled with vision,

looking upwards,

I am filled with strength,

looking within,

I discover peace

~ Queto Apache Prayer

And as we look ahead, simplicity keeps us focused and rooted:

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.


As you gather for a feast of thanks and gratitude, may you be rooted to sustaining practices and have many blessings to count.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Photo: anyaphenix/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall