By J. G. Lewis

Estival Solstice, the longest day of our year, is a time when the sun stands still.

Like the sun (if only for a moment) we should also simply be present. Whether counting clouds by day or stargazing at night, be mindful of the space between each—our space. This is time not for thinking of goals or objectives, but to consciously be in the now.

The mid-point of the year, with so much brightness on the horizon, should not be when we look back on what has happened during the dark cooler months. Look forward, instead, through the summer heat. We know, all too well, that the cold and the darkness will return. We know we should, perhaps, be encouraged to savour this time.

There is a certain equilibrium to this solstice. While we are each guided by certain stars—our place in the astrological jungle—this period is common to us all. In fact, it is a gift.

This is the big picture.

We share the same sun. We all share the same sky. Our views may be different, but we all call this amazing planet our home.

Summer solstice gives us a brief, but needed, period of gentle inspiration. Here we have the opportunity to find balance. There is no rush. Take your time. Make what you will of the longer days; the intricacies of each season are reflected in how we adapt to an ever-changing society. It is not to ignore the difficulties or struggles we have encountered or the ones we have been living through, but to take in what we have learned. Perhaps you will find the freedom to make the decisions you have been avoiding, or those which offered no resolution.

This period of balance is further emphasized should you be fortunate to take a break on either side of the solstice and reflect on where you are physically, emotionally, and realistically. Travel away from your usual day-to-day will allow you to look at your situation from a different angle.

Always helpful. Always appreciated.

This is where we will find our determination to continue through the remainder of the year, and to do what we must to maintain balance. Time is neither relative or subjective, but an element that enters each equation and becomes a part of every decision. We cannot hold back time, nor can we rush ahead.

There is a rhythm to each minute.

Count the seconds as you count your blessings; separately they are a treasure, cumulatively they make up our true wealth.


J.G. Lewis is a writer and photographer, a dreamer and wanderer, father and brother (an orphan of sorts), living in Toronto area. Formerly an award-winning journalist, he now writes mainly fiction and poetry. He practices Bikram Yoga, doesn’t take the camera out enough, and enjoys the snap, crackle and pop of music on vinyl. You can read more of J.G. on his website, Follow him on Facebook, catch his daily breath on Twitter at @sayit4word.


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Editor: Dana Gornall