By Heather Bauer


This was taken by a friend recently at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

I started practicing yoga regularly two years ago, when my daughter left home as a way to get to know and ground myself. I felt really lost at the time.

My practice has also become a way for me to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and gives me the opportunity to practice self love.

Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose as it is both grounding and empowering. It connects me to what is both above and below me. There was something powerfully magical about doing it in this sacred place.


Heather Bauer is 43 years old and has two kids, Nathan (20) Abby (18) and the MOST AMAZING GRANDSON IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, Lyle James. He is the moon in her dark sky. She has a wicked sense of humor and loves yoga. She mixes spirituality with a healthy dose of Buddhism and Paganism. She currently is majoring in social work at a community college in Denver. She says, “As I sit here, I think about how I fell into writing. You would think that someone who loves to read as much as I do would fall into it at an early age, but that was not so. Tree pose is her favorite yoga pose. Chubby Hubby is her favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. She can’t go a day without music and her taste is crazy eclectic. She is a fire sign—Sagittarius to be exact. She has lived in Denver for 26 years and does her best every day to make the people she comes in contact with feel loved.



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