On the edge of our tragedy, many well-intentioned souls leaned into (then pulled out) the “God-card” for me, and while I truly appreciate the sentiment, I am not one to place too much hope in a mythical man in a robe.


By Debbie Lynn

Last week, my husband was seriously wounded in a head-on crash in the Caribbean, (Turks and Caicos).

His injuries were critical enough that the E.R. doctor strongly advised that he be life flighted to the U.S. Of course, I complied. And although his wounds were life threatening and painful, I am happy to report the worst is now over.

Overwhelmed with emotion (and without much detail) I put I plea out on Facebook for positive vibes and/or prayer. The outpouring was mind-bending, heart-felt and sublime. But mixed in with all the love, was an undertone of “God”—God that was (supposedly) holding my husband’s life in “his” hands. A God I do not profess to understand.

On the edge of our tragedy, many well-intentioned souls leaned into (then pulled out) the “God-card” for me, and while I truly appreciate the sentiment, I am not one to place too much hope in a mythical man in a robe. My experience is that “He” doesn’t really come through. So when someone tells me, “He” (God) is taking care of us, watching out for us, God willing, God will provide etc., I can’t help but wonder: is this the same God that let me down before? The “One” who allows young innocent people to die, children to be brutalized, and the atrocities of war and poverty to rage on? It just isn’t logical.

My questions go on and on.

Why is one life spared and another taken? Why does lightning strike more than once when we are told it can’t? Why do the winds of change destroy us mentally and the torrential rain flood our memories of a time long forgotten? Why do so many people believe an unseen deity is responsible for the ways of the world?

If this is a truth, then why did “God” allow this accident to happen? It seems to me, there is something missing in the theory of this “God.”

I guess I see things a bit differently. I believe the power of the human spirit-and-vibration is the power that heals. It isn’t God’s will to will harm; that messed-up consciousness only exists in humans and God isn’t judging or making lists. And what if—just what if—we accept the notion that somewhere down the line of a higher power, the vision, and the natural order is simply that. Natural. Life.

And in the course of my life, I have seen this healing energy of “GOD” in myself and in others—it is something we all have.

The problem is: if we claim it, we are thought of as egotistical or bat-shit crazy. We put ourselves in a compromising position, meaning we have to step up, own our stuff (all of it) and accept the consequences of our thoughts, our words and actions. What’s more, we have to believe in ourselves fully. We have to trust the guiding voice (our gut) and not waver. We also have to know that we are not puppets on a string pulled by God.

Yet this way of being is somewhat uncomfortable because we are conditioned from a young age to hand our lives over to someone else; and that “someone” (apparently to many…) is “God.”

Except no one ever tells us God is also Hell on Earth. Most of us only know of an unreachable God that bestows magic when we are righteous, sits on fluffy clouds and is a very white man that is “watching” our every move. And no one can distinctly tell us why the innocent are afflicted by horrific things.

Who draws the line here?

The God I know (and love) is an attitude, not a person. It is an expression of life—not an unseen deity. It is a multi-colored, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, universal, infinite energy—the trees, the stars the moon and the sun. A human vibration that shows its face in every single person (7 billion and counting) that walks this earth and I wrote:

Please don’t tell me about “Your God”—I witnessed the grace of human compassion at it’s finest.
Please don’t tell me there is someone watching out for me or over me—I witnessed the energy of unified love here and now—and it works.
Please don’t tell me about Angels in the heavens—I talked to the ones who walk among us, extended their hands, their hugs, and their goodwill.
God isn’t a “He” or a “She”—it is the combination of Spirit that thrives in all of us.

We humans have a way of touching each other’s lives deeply even despite ourselves. In finding our way to each other, we find what is, after all, already there, waiting to be found, wanting to be found.
—Andrew Cooper

I truly believe we would have a different world if we can understand and utilize the universal energy that lives inside of us, taps us on our shoulders, kisses our knowing and keeps us in check. It is the natural balance of Yin/Yang, Good/Bad and flow. Nature provides the view. It is pure love and survival of the fittest (violent and beautiful) and when we accept that accountability reigns truth, we are wiser for it.

Life happens. God is: (to me) simply life and sometimes in life, a wake up call just needs to be answered.


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Editor: Dana Gornall