She is the one that will get the coffee ready, then fill her mug and sit with the quietness of the morning. She will invite the sunrise to begin its early morning show.


By Debbi Serafinchon

She is the one that her mind is awake before her alarm is ringing.

As her eyes open, her mind is already full with thoughts and plans for the day. She doesn’t lay there pondering the coziness of the blankets that cocoon her. She has far too much energy to allow that to happen.

She is the one that will get the coffee ready, then fill her mug and sit with the quietness of the morning. She will invite the sunrise to begin its early morning show. She will drink it all in with the wonder of a child watching a balloon fill with air.

She will ensure family is up and ready to start their day—calling tired teens numerous times to get a move on the day. She is that woman.

She is the one that will take a few moments to send friends a good morning message, wishing them a happy day. She will check her calendar to see what appointments or meetings she has scheduled for herself. If there is nothing on the calendar, she will make a decision on what needs to be done—laundry, housework, what to take out for dinner. She will check emails, follow up on phone calls, book appointments, ensuring that life is taken care of.

She is that woman.

She changes her focus to that of her career once the morning routine is out of the way. Whether career means already being entangled in the day-to-day work life or seeking for her calling in life.

She will often wonder if she will ever make it to the point her passion pays off.

She will ask questions that need asking, hoping to find answers. She will get lost in her work, and lose all track of time. Or she will procrastinate the day wondering where her inspiration will come from. She will lose focus and refocus her mind throughout the day. She is that woman.

She will seek to expand her knowledge base, whether that be through the many books she surrounds herself with or the online articles she finds herself drawn toward. She will get caught up in a story and find her mind relating it back to her own trials and tribulations. Seeking ways to better understand. She will be curious enough to take a moment to reflect on just why those words touched her heart or made her angry.

Always ready to engage with others, she is not shy to inquire into who they really are. She does not want small talk. That is too superficial for her. She wants conversations she can sink her teeth into—ones that will challenge or broaden her mind.

She is that woman.

She is always ready with a smile for the strangers she meets. For the most part, ready with a kind word or a nod of the head when listening to a story unfold. She is not afraid to ask people how their day is, hoping that they will not mask their joy or pain with an “it was fine.”

She is ready for more depth than that. She is aware that this scares people.

That they are not comfortable with someone who seems so comfortable with themselves. She is aware that she is not everyone’s cup of tea but this does not deter her from being herself. She is that woman.

She is the one that will ask a friend for an ear if she needs to vent. She is aware you cannot always be happy. That there may be storm clouds in her thoughts. That sometimes life is unfair and doesn’t seem to give her what she wants. She is excepting of the challenges that present themselves—the curveballs of life or the loss of a job and sometimes making difficult decisions for her children’s wellbeing. She is sensible enough to know that sometimes she will have to release her hold on a situation even though it’s the hardest thing she will ever do.

She is that woman.

She is confident enough to know that she has a good life but longs for someone to share the lonely nights with. For it is easy to fill the days with activities and responsibilities. It is much more difficult on her heart when that sun goes down and the dark settles in.

She longs for someone who will surprise her with flowers and be receptive to receiving gestures of her heart in return.

She dreams of beach walks and hand holding. She smiles at thoughts of shared laughter and candle lit dinners. She wants to enjoy the companionship of a partner. One that will challenge her. One that will grow with her. One that will give and receive, just as she will. She is that woman.

She is the one that people think laughs too loud.

Holds on in an embrace a second too long. She offers her opinion whether it is asked for or not. She is blunt not intending to be mean and often forgets that the majority of people do not think like her.

She will rage at a driver that seems to get in her way. She will lose her patience with people that just don’t understand a concept and she can’t figure out a better way to explain it. She will raise her concerns over matters that seem trivial to others. She exudes a passion in all areas of her life and she knows no other way to be.

And while her heart is always in the right place, her words sometimes are not. Most don’t understand her and she doesn’t understand why. She is that woman.

She is a woman that is gregarious in life but introspective as well. Trusting but guarded. Confident but unsure. Knowledgeable but foolish. Perceptive but insensitive. She is all these things and more.

I am that woman.

Debbi Serafinchon is a passionate lover of life, and she uses writing to try and fit the pieces of what is happening in her world together. This divorced mom to four older children finds she now has the time to travel, learn, explore her creative side and people watch. Her favorite quote by Douglas Adams summarizes her journey quite nicely: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” You can find more of her writing on her website and follow her on Facebook.


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Editor: Dana Gornall