By Lorrie Seide

As we enter a new year, we must dwell on all the possibilities and potential ahead in order to have the opportunity to align with it.

Things do not just happen by themselves, however they seem to slowly appear over time and the only way we really get a glimpse of them is in retrospect.

If we think about the transition between Pony Express and Federal Express, we realize that the changes in these methods of delivery were not solely as a result of our need to reach farther faster. Advances in delivery were birthed because someone had the capacity to think something into reality. At some point in time pony express may have been a state of the art idea however today we see it as a very primitive method of delivery. Realize that sometime in the future people will look back at us and see us as very primitive. With that being said, we need to embrace change, new ideas and remain open to greater possibilities.

All possibilities and potential emerge from nothing.

Nothingness is the abyss of our origination and the depth of the untainted purity of our imagination. It is a deep and immeasurable invisible place of potentiality that is vast, infinite and profound. Its enigmatic nature causes us to be drawn and engaged into the quest to complete the puzzle of life. When we are closed and refuse to listen, learn and grow, we become disengaged from our fingerprint.

However, when there is an engagement with “knowing,” this is when all the meaning, purpose and value illustrate itself.

“Knowing” can be found on various levels of consciousness. Our understanding of consciousness has been shifting to encompass the fact that since our lives are defined by the sum of our choices—whether they be conscious choices or not—they cause the ramifications that appear in our life. I can tell you from experimentation and experience that it is true that more and more people are expanding their consciousness and acquiring the ability to choose how they react to stimuli. They are also choosing what results they prefer to have thru the process of consciously utilizing their power of selection and free will in lieu of just winging it.

Who could have ever consciously wrapped their heads around the fact that the pony express system would evolve from ponies to jet propulsion? And who could have ever conceived the ability to magically send our mail, photos and videos thru invisibility all around the entire world in a matter of seconds via a telephone device for instant viewing?

We must open our minds to conceive the inconceivable.

Growth is the only evidence of life and as we evolve into the future, the new thinkers and shakers will be the ones who shape the fabric of our evolution, not the general population.

The survival of the human species will be dependent on the phenomenon of consciousness and how we choose to utilize it. As a global unit, we are at the crossroads of seeking a new way of running our lives and our businesses. As our economy continues to decline and cause instability, we need to secure new industries and a new value system for defining currency.

Although knowledge, professionalism, creativity and responsiveness are required ingredients for success, when we take things to a level where we experience someone else’s heart and soul; the experience and what it teaches us rises beyond excellence, touches our own heart and soul and we connect with something greater than the profitability of doing business.

A higher moral code, an inspirational experience and an illuminated model of enlightenment will all pave the pathway to our futures new realm of success.


Lorrie SeideLorrie Seide lives on Long Island in New York. She is an Artist, Author, Solutionologist, Insurance Broker and Accounting Technician. As a solutionologist, Lorrie promotes and initiates experiences containing meaning and purpose through language by educating our human co-partners how to secure a residence of moderation, balance, stillness and grace within and between the universes Law of Opposing Forces. She depends on nature to comfort, entertain and inspire her and this is illustrated in a majority of her oil paintings. Lorrie has also authored Invisible Souvenirs—Finding Life’s Gifts  which is currently available at Her writing is created from a philosophical spiritual perspective. She believes that to create something that did not exist before is one of the most amazing gifts in life. Lorrie can be found on Facebook or connect on her personal page. 


Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/Flickr

Editor: Sherrin Fitzer