By Lisa Meade


So you have said Yes to the Universe!

Congratulations. Let the fun unfold!

Now you will find that all that crosses your path has meaning and impact on how you unfold, what you decide and how you engage. Now you will see things differently and from an amazing new perspective. The horizon of your life’s path is forever changed.

Your no will be limited now, as it will only be used for boundary setting, preventing energy manipulation and in seeking balance. You will no longer say no to things you don’t like or feel like dealing with, because the wisdom of your yes is ready to embrace the lessons. You no longer are allowing your fear to keep you small with your no of insecurity.

You are ready to converse with the Universe.

You are ready to give your soul voice. You are engaged and present, singing, dancing, honoring and witnessing. Your yes rings out among the stars, echos through the mountains, dives deep into the seas and fans the fire of the Gods.

Your yes awakens your trust of self.

It sits beside your authentic truth. Your yes clearly states that you are willing to flex with, to learn about and to release what is needed. Your yes requires you to step aside and move out of your way. Your yes tells your ego to relax about the change, that change is inevitable and beautiful and alive.

Your yes opens the doors to the energies that flow to you and through you.

Yes means that your awareness will be heightened and brilliant. Yes means you are willing to make mistakes, to play and explore, to pause and rest and to go deep and wide. Your yes will become a way of life for you and you will one day look back and find it difficult to remember any other way!


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Editor: Daniel Scharpenburg



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