moon dance

By Debbie Lynn

Not knowing where to begin is the most common complaint when we are ‘stuck’–and that’s okay.

Sometimes we just have to be stuck. It is the Universe’s way of telling us to slow down,  breathe. It also signals there is more for us to get through and learn in the current situation.

Stuck is often a resting place for the ego that has been bruised, chastised and is a bit wary of relinquishing trust. It happens to us all.

So if you can recognize and accept being stuck as a temporary obstacle, it may or may not ease the situation, however, it may help to know “that this too shall pass.” It may also relieve the suspicion that your intuition has let you down. It didn’t and never will.

Many times a message is in hibernation just under the surface. It is waiting for us to acknowledge what is there so we can thrive.

This is when major shifts occur in our life. As we take on a new form, we  lose some of the old. We rid ourselves of unhealthy habits, and the friends and family who accompanied them, while we simultaneously gain a different understanding. We view the aches and pains of a growth spurt as we do a breaking heart, but they are also an opening to the wisdom that was held back due to doubt and fear.

And before we have breakthroughs, we often have breakdowns.

The chaos that comes with a breakthrough typically brings contradiction and conflict (both of which are beautiful teachers). This chaos is an internal cleaning of our house, our mind and body, which eliminates our toxins and poisons. The poison allowed us to deny our pain as we wallow in the mud of anticipation. That breakdown is followed by the great awakening, waiting for the beautiful bud to bloom.

If you decide to remain in the dirt and use “I am stuck” as your mantra, it will thwart any progression as it becomes more than just an excuse. This simply means you are not ready or willing to come up and get clean—and again, that is okay. Just don’t forget to embrace your decision with surrender.

Nothing will make sense until it is time and you are ready.

So when you are done, truly done, ready to move, clean it up and get clear, resolve will unfold right before you. It can be a tough one, but well worth the effort to push through the dirt to cleanse and flower.

We have only this life and this body for now, but we get to reinvent our passions, pleasures, and knowledge time after time, year after year. It is the springtime of our knowing. Fresh, sincere and in grace, being stuck really is a blessing when it is allowed to be.

Remember, every time doubt and uncertainty enter the mind, take it as a gentle nudge from above that what lies below is getting ready to surface. What you decide to do with it is optional, but what I can tell you is this: being in the mud can be a huge mess or a lot of fun. It is also a reminder that there is always something more to what appears to be immovable and dirty than what we see on the surface.

Once it is seen, it is our opportunity to transform and come clean in full bloom.

Photo: Lune Feerique

Editor: Sherrin Fitzer