By Debbie Lynn

I often wonder if our life is left up to God (the path is supposedly divine, predetermined and sanctioned) what then happens to our free will and accountability?

So the question then becomes: Do the strings of the Puppet Master hold us all, making us dance to the beat of the universal sound or are we dancing to our own drummer? Are we guided by a higher power or responding to our inner intuition? Or are they one and the same? If “God” is controlling everything and everyone, and we are “one,” then we are responding to commands that are not of our own? Or are they universal?

This is a tough one to ponder.

How easy and convenient it seems to be when we give all our power and our circumstances away. I guess that is one way to sidestep responsibility, yet I don’t buy it. I struggle to understand. It just seems unfair to blame and or credit God (or anyone else for that matter) for the things that happen in our life—good, bad or indifferent.

The logical side of me says cause and effect and the spiritual side says surrender.

I have always felt that we make our own way and we each have a purpose. That purpose is to do, and be the best we can be. We can be led by our heart to our own inner divinity and to eventually get there either way, so with that in mind, we get to take a stand for the way we conduct our living, who we have in our life and what road we choose travel. It is simple.

Hello accountability.

I also would never pretend to understand the greatness that our universe is, or what it holds. It is vast, unyielding, magic, mysterious, confusing and beautiful. This is “God”  (to me) and I have a deep respect for all, so it is hard for me to set my sights on only one destination that was pre-determined, because nothing else in our world is…or is it?

I do know everything is in constant flux, ever changing and it is organized chaos at its finest.

My point here is this: If I believe that what we all think and do is governed by “God,” that means I must give up—I am done. I have nothing else to do except wait for life to happen.

Why would I—or anyone—do that?

I will not pass on my misconduct, my mistakes, or my life to anyone but me. It would be so easy to send it away, turn it all over to “The One” but I won’t. I won’t because there is a certain inner satisfaction found in accountability (no matter what it looks like).  And if in fact that is how it was all laid out for me, please show me another way. Because there are times when I am on a path, doing what I do and out of nowhere life sideswipes us and in the heat of the moment, and we have to switch it up without giving it a second thought.

Think about how complicated that is. It is too, too much. You can easily blow a fuse if you try to go down this intricate interlaced plan. This is why I like the simplicity of owing my inner stuff. And every time I mess up, I just have to ask where the hell are my scissors to cut those damn strings? I bet the puppeteer (who may or may not be in control) is laughing.

What I do understand is the beautiful energy we all hold (the light that shines from inside) is what it is, and in all of us. Freely, sincerely and gracefully we can get through just about anything when the time is right and we allow some humility.

Where does this come from?

Humm, that is still to be determined and it is personal yet, but I like to believe it is innate and we are responding to life, not being told how to respond.

My inner puppet bows to your inner puppet. Shall we dance?


Photo: sinenefas/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall