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By Debbie Lynn

The hardest thing about peace is that our world—our nature—is inherently as violent as it is beautiful.

We have reached deeply and soulfully to accept this. I am not there yet.

And life goes on. But at the end of the day we all have the capability to dabble in our delicacies, our vulnerability, and our knowing to make a conscious decision as to how we hold compassion for the utmost horrific acts that happen on a daily basis.

This isn’t just religious; it is global violence via poverty, hunger and ignorance that takes innocent lives off the map, and it happens in every corner of the world.

The way to create peace is to make peace with the dark side, and as cliché as that statement is, it is the only way to resolve our bleeding hearts. The problems are so embedded in upheaval as the lost souls are dying (literally) to have some kind of revolution.  This is the biggest plea for help we have ever encountered, and it is happing right now.

The mindset of our angry society is, “There is nothing to lose, no one cares.”

There are thousands upon thousands that are effected by the negative energy and hundreds of thousand more who want just want to stop the madness.

What a concept. What do we do?

Candles? Prayer? A call to action, not words?

We seem to be powerless against the machine. I go back to the dark side, and even my own heart has malice for killing in the name of ________ (you fill in the blank), but an eye for an eye only leaves us blind. So when I consider the origin, and I begin to compare and contrast our humanness with the sunrise and sunset I see that: To take in the beauty of the sky (that holds so much mystery) we have to take in the understanding that the power to destroy is in us all.

To be peace, to be love, we have to know that the “duality” of life is also our bane.

This doesn’t mean we accept the unthinkable, but accept that at each end of the spectrum, life recycles and karma takes care of itself. I know in my body, in my blood, in my heart, love will heal our broken ways when we let it.  

And I wrote a piece this morning to the kindred tribe of the hurting:

There has to be another way

Rally internally to

raise the vibration

to change the conversation because hate is what the haters want – don’t give it to them

Hold vigil in your heart

to clean intentions, clear thought, as love truly rules…

This is far from over

And on wounded soil bloodlines run deep

We feel it

We know it

There has to be another way….

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Editor: Dana Gornall