By Lisa Meade

We often find ourselves stuck in ruts.

The mundane and ordinary fill our days are because we have stopped seeking newness, the wonder, the different perspectives that are all around us.

Think about nature and the perspectives She gifts us with.

Go to the ocean on a brilliant sunny day and what you see may be very different from that of a cloudy stormy day. Still the same ocean, just a shift in the perspective. Go out into the forest at dawn and stand still, listen, look about and feel. Now revisit the same forest again at night and stand still, listen, look about and feel.

What has changed? Same forest, just a different perspective.

Now lets take it a bit deeper.

That ocean may be vastly different to the gull who soars above it compared to the crab who crawls upon its sandy shore. That forest will be a unique playland to the deer who travels across its ledges and feeds upon its meadows compared to the beetle who scurries across the branch of a tree—the forest is its Universe!

If we are willing to see the varied perspectives of our life and if we encourage and teach ourselves to do this, life can be fuller and richer and far less ordinary and mundane. The willingness to see our struggles from different perspectives affords us possibilities and solutions. Our flexible view point can create change when we feel stuck.

Being willing to explore the landscape of our life can create wonder and magic.

It can also help us to find places to grow and aspects to release. It can be the dose of encouragement we need to break out of our stagnant ways and into the beauty that awaits us. Life is meant to be full. We are meant to be engaged and to do so we have to be observant and open.

Learning to view from different perspectives can be fun and not daunting.

Think of how a child would view the situation. Think of what your favorite role model would see. Perhaps approach it the way your most inspiring friend would. Even look at it from an animal’s perspective. You will be surprised at what is revealed by seeking new perspectives. Often our answers to our queries are right in front of us; we just cannot see them. But with a subtle shift, the treasures await us!

And we cannot ignore them.


Photo: Jull/Flickr

Editor: Sherrin Fitzer



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