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By Lisa Meade 


Within the garden we learn that the death of last year’s harvest often adds richness and makes room for this year’s new growth.

So it is the same with our Self. Sometimes a part of us needs to die to allow for another part to come alive! It does not mean that it will be painless or comfortable, even though we may understand it is necessary.

Learning to be aware of the messages from your body, mind and soul can help you in preparation. Often times there will be an unsettling of energies, a dip in emotions, a hunger in the soul or a confusion of our plans that tips us off that a change is brewing. We go through these shifts throughout our lifetime. Some may have been more obvious. The angst of adolescence is a perfect example. But also, for anyone who has given birth, there is that nesting and preparatory period before the birth where we purge and organize and make room for the soon to be child.

We can look back to previous relationships as well for clues to how we receive our messages.

The changes that happen on the surface are good indicators that there is much shifting within us; usually in our heart and soul. Feelings of being restricted, trapped, unhappy are sometimes flags of an ending. But also make note of feelings of longing for expansion, looking to the future and more can mean that this part of the relationship is ready to relinquish to a new and more expansive part of either that relationship or another.

When we let go of a part of our Self and open up to a new evolution, we can feel some fear or exhilaration. Both can be normal and do not need to rule our day. We only need to be aware that they are there on the surface and that they are indicators that a change is about to occur. Similar to a flashing road sign.

No need to slam on the brakes or put the pedal to the metal—just be aware. Maybe go a bit slower. Stay present and in tune with your surroundings, both physical and spiritual.

This is a natural process of life.

Transitions exist everywhere that vitality exists! It is within the transition that the transformation happens. Life awakens and energies that no longer serve or are tired out can fall away. Focus can sharpen as we look to the new. Gratitude and understanding is present as we let go.

We learn more and more about our truth as we embrace the grace to be present with the transitional cycles of our Self.



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Editor; Dana Gornall



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