By Lisa Meade


Does anyone really have it easy?

How are we to judge and decide if someone has been given the easy pass while we face our struggles? The truth is, everyone faces challenges and obstacles.

To meet the grand dreams and wishes of our childhood, we spend years building stamina, learning lessons, and coming face to face with our determination and our inner strength. And yet, even with the best of intentions and the most committed of efforts we do not always achieve the results we have aimed for.

Of course, it is during these times of struggle and disappointment that we stop and look around us and immediately focus upon those who seem to—without much effort—accomplish the greatest of goals and achievements, often with tremendous grace. To us, it appears as though all the riches are falling from the sky into their lap, that all the right doors open at their slightest touch and all their dream and desires come true with a wave of a magic wand.

But, deep down we know.

We understand that we never truly can know their story and what path has led them to where they are, or how much they have invested, struggled or released to get to where they are today. Yet, our ego brings a sip of envy for us to swallow and sometimes our inner truth suggests to us that we refrain from judgment.

When we are climbing our own mountains it is often difficult not to look at others abundance and make the assumption that lady luck has shined her beacon upon them. We fail to consider their daily efforts, their perseverance or their loss along the way.

Everyone has their burdens.

Each of us faces difficulties that test and try us. All learn lessons that have the ability to propel them forward if flexibility, commitment and awareness is factored in.

Life offers the opportunity—often over and over again—to hone our skills and to fine tune our natural abilities. This along with trust and commitment can often bring us to the next step along the way on our path. This, in and of itself, is an accomplishment. If we stay focused on our actions in the present and remove ourselves from a focus on the end result we can give ourselves the opportunity to see the golden thread we are following.

No beautiful outcome was ever arrived at without efforts or sacrifice.

The Universe will always be offering us lessons, gifts, challenges and pauses. If we can keep ourselves in the moment and refrain from the unproductive energies of comparison, we will find that we do move forward and begin to achieve our goals, manifest our dreams and live life with more ease and grace.

The Soul trusts this—our ego is what doesn’t.

The thing to remember is that each time we learn to overcome a challenge, each time we gain a new life lesson, the Universe will provide us with a new challenge or lesson. It will stretch us and help us grow. It will test us and provide us with opportunities to rise up or to fail, both equally important to our soulful evolution. Blessings exist in both scenarios. It is up to us to be open to this.

We all have the opportunity to receive blessings, to be gifted, to find joy and happiness and to have moments of positive flow. How we approach this will have the greatest impact on how the energies unfold and present themselves to us.

It is not so much about overcoming life’s obstacles, but instead embracing them and being open to what they offer us.



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Editor: Dana Gornall



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