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By Gerry Ellen


I rarely jump into the political sphere on a public forum, however I have a message to the Universe that I feel must be sent.

Just like any human involved in living and loving, I have an opinion about certain issues and things that transcend the heart and mind in jest, and needs to get out there for my own personal sake of morality from time to time.

So here goes:

Dear Universe,

For the continued progression of goodness on this fine earth and the trials and tribulations of humanity to keep resolving and evolving at a level that is of our highest vibration, I beg of you, please make a certain arrogant and “out there” candidate go away. I shall leave his name unmentioned, so as not to give more unnecessary credence to how much it’s plastered all over this great country at the moment. I have honest intentions regarding the fairness and equality and justice of our political spectrum, however I’m at this odd point where no amount of natural or peaceful solitude can alleviate the sh*t show that is this bigger-than-his-hair human who walks our precious earth.

It is so early and wasteful to jump into the melee of who will be at the helm of our country in a year and beyond, yet I cannot deny that his mouth and his unkind arrogant words do more harm than good.

Perhaps we can make a deal, oh loving Universe, something he professes to be the king of every chance he gets. Perhaps we can hold hands and send a cosmic message of how this world is evolving and moving beyond everything this man stands for. Perhaps we can overthrow how he occupies our air waves, even when we care not to listen or see.

Perhaps we can focus instead on the love, focus on the displays of worldly kindness, focus on the things that make this place we call “home” great.

It seems fairly reasonable to me that the discounting of his larger-than-Jupiter persona would be ideal for women, for parents, for peaceful negotiations, for science, for positive communication between the less fortunate and for the overall human race to continue on in our manner that comes from an authentic balance between our hearts and our minds.

I understand we need this polarity; how opposites attract and challenging times take us to greater heights. I strive for balance every single day, and as not so easy as it can be, I’m baffled by how one man can take this nation by storm and attempt to lower every vibrational tendency we have worked so hard for in our evolution of thinking and feeling.

There has to be a serious shift again of the greatest magnitude. Is he what our political agenda needs? Please Universe, this is not where I see our planet going or striving for in the progression of environmental concerns, or graceful and humble ways of humans who care more than ever about the fate of this world. I haven’t the slightest clue about how it will all turn out, yet all I can fathom is the current path chosen by said individual (with a penchant for avoidance and conflict) is deviating from who we are and have become.

Nothing is set in stone.

We have a real and true chance to alter the course that is now being shown and what our eyes and ears have to witness on a daily cycle, even when choosing the harmonious practical with the spiritual. We are in the midst of a gigantic healing, and we need more compassionate leaders and less suffering of our psyches.

Thank you Universe, oh seat of our soul, for allowing me to get this off my chest. I love you and believe we are a discerning and righteous population, who sincerely sees and desires for the quality preserved of our beautiful earth. We have the grace, the gratitude, the power, the magic and above all, the intellect.

I’m throwing this all out there to you, in the hopes that this gigantic moon of a force will overthrow the arrogance of a single man trying to govern our country, and give him the propensity to quietly exit.

As this time of year is all about endings.


Photo: Anonymous Art

Editor: Dana Gornall