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By Lisa Meade

How do you go for it?

Do you embrace the beautiful truth that the Universe is offering you full support of all that you want and need? And do you realize that you need to put action into this relationship?

Have you ever had the experience that all the signs are aligning? Have you ever felt that this was the perfect time to go where you have been wanting to go, have what you have longed for or create what you have dared to dream of? Have you noticed signs around you? Songs on the radio that rally you? Conversations with friends that encourage you?

Your higher self is celebrating and resonating and urging you on! These are all big signs from the Universe that the vibrations are alive and ready for you and your moment!

But it takes action on your part. It takes some faith, some courage and some forward movement to bring it into being! When we make that leap and set into motion the energies for our “go,” the Universe responds even further. Things begin to fall into place, challenges do not stop us but instead inspire us.

Doors begin to open.

Gifts begin to flow and our soul engages with all that these energies bring to our highest self and to the equation.

We find within all these creative and generative waves a sense of peace as well. We are fulfilling what we have dreamed about and we are manifesting what we have longed for. This satisfies the body, mind and soul alike.

This action begins to impact the powers that surround us as well. Positive energies attract positive energies. People may join in your creative process and offer support. Receptivity will blossom where it once before was dormant. This positive shift of energy begins to affect everything around us.

Being awake to this moment in life is so vital to our being all we are meant to be. Watching for the signs, staying in connection to our soul and listening to the messages of the Universe are all important practices to bring to this journey. Our dreams, longings and inner callings are there for a reason. Honoring them with our presence will be the key to having them become our reality!

Are you ready? Then go!



Photo: wolfdancer/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall



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