By Lorrie Seide


The speed of time can be manipulated by shifting our consciousness between the application of positive and negative energy to change its appearance.

In other words time appears to go fast when we are preoccupied with a pleasurable event and resembles the pace of a snail when we are experiencing doom and gloom. Time is more than an illusion affected by our state of being.

Time is many things.

It is a measurement of speed, duration, life and age. Although time can be a measurable period, the paradox of the matter is that it is also a continuum that lacks measurable boundaries. As quick as time can be stretched across the span of infinity, it can also instantaneously become a finite terminal saga of epoch proportion.

Whether time can be found by device or lost by human consumption, this we know for sure; our time is limited and time has all the time in the world.

Time is one of the largest and most complex oxymoron’s to travel down the path of life. While it is eternal onto itself, it remains a fact that it is a guarantor of transiency as it forces the years of our momentary existence to evaporate. To further the controversy, as we travel through life, time flows with us and never abandons us not even we take our last breath. Even at the bitter end, time travels with us into the infinite vastness of eternity.

No matter where time travels, its allegiance is perpetual even when it vanishes.

Time is our only companion that will travel with us, day in and day out. It will persist by our side and remain constant and strong when we are weary and run down by the condition of the road of life.

We can work with time, and if we do well we can get ahead of it. However when we do not work well with it, time slips through our fingers. Our chores can be performed all at the same time, one at a time or within no time frame at all. If we are proficient we can get it all done at any given time.

When we engage in any negative activity we run away from time but if we disengage from pessimism, time flows smoothly and when we are still time mysteriously, magically and miraculously disappears altogether.

Time can happen in the blink of an eye just for a moment and when it does we must be there or we will miss the boat. You know what they say, “You don’t want to be at the airport when your ship comes in!.”

Time can also amend its tempo and pick up its pace, travel at a distinguishable velocity at any given instance, diversify itself at various times to satisfy intervals and be imperceptible or materialize just in the nick of time. It can carry on for a while, endure any generation, run in cycles, out date prior eras or race through a decade.

Time is diverse, generational, seasonal, chronological and temporal. It can be stretched, passed, spanned, timed, raced, ignored or taken advantage of.

Time has neither definition nor application in the stillness of right now.

When we examine the past we can account for the time we lost. When we investigate the present we remain unaware of time because of what we are experiencing in the moment. And we don’t even have to seek the future for its time hasn’t come yet. Whether we are looking into the past, present or future face of time, what we perceive will either be perpetual or momentary, permanent or temporary, fleeting or constant, interrupted or continual, instantaneous or delayed, scheduled or cancelled, fast or slow, pending or past.

What we do know is that we can alter the condition, tides, attitudes and perceptions of time by initiating our power of selection, widening the aperture of our conscious awareness and perpetuating our attentiveness toward the acquisition of the truth of the moment in time.

Take each moment one at a time.

Do not allow your consciousness to be anywhere else. This is how to life live in the here and now of the present. We cannot be somewhere else now. If we are somewhere else, we are not in sync with the seconds, minutes and hours of actuality. When we locate actuality we are in fact ticking with the magnitude of each second’s advantageous expression of significance.

We can grab it when we need to take some time but if we prefer to volunteer we can offer to give it away for free.

Time can be disappointing when it runs out and aerial when it flies. Time can be early when it is before its’ time, brief when it is for the time being, predictable when it is on time, instantaneous in no time and reoccurring when it appears time and time again.

When our time comes, if we take the day off, it is literally our time. When we take advantage of time, it becomes opportunistic. When we make time and if we do something extraordinary with that opportunity then it becomes the time of our life.

When time is cooperating it is occurring on time and all deadline champions get their obligations done just in the nick of time. And if no one rains on our parade, time marches on!

No matter how much we manipulate time, as it marches in a singular direction toward the infinite apex of space, we each come closer and closer to our own individual expiration dates. The clock is ticking and time is racing towards our transformation, renewal and metamorphosis into invisibility.

Will our transformation from the physical to the intangible convert us into the format equivalent to the external consciousness of the originator?

And will we be able to visit the physical plane as participants in the dreams of those we left behind? Either way, we may never know until our time.

For now I have to speculate—that time will tell.


Lorrie SeideLorrie Seide lives on Long Island in New York.  Lorrie is an artist, author, solutionologist, insurance broker and accounting technician. As a solutionologist Lorrie promotes and initiates experiences containing meaning and purpose through language by educating our human co-partners how to secure a residence of moderation, balance, stillness and grace within and between the universes Law of Opposing Forces. With so much on her plate, she has written this piece about time.  She depends on nature to comfort, entertain and inspire her and this is illustrated in a majority of her oil paintings. Lorrie has also authored Invisible Souvenirs—Finding Life’s Gifts which is currently available at Amazon.com.  Her writing is created from a philosophical spiritual perspective. She believes that to create something that did not exist before is one of the most amazing gifts in life.  Lorrie can be found on Facebook at her Invisible Souvenirs page or her author page.


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